[Member Discussions and Questions] Tips or Home Remedies to Help with Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain?

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January 13, 2013

One member writes:

I was diagnosed with RA in the last year. The specialist is 3 hours away and with me being a single mom, it is really hard for me to drive there 2 times a month. He had put me on medications, but honestly, they do not seem to help much. I am having a flare up right now and my entire body hurts, I am so tired and (I don’t know if this is a symptom) my eyes are swollen and watering non-stop. I don’t know much about this disease but I do know that I never would have thought I would be trying to deal with it at the age of 29. If anyone has any tips or remedies as to how to help with the pain, even a little bit, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to help her out and answer her message. (((pain-free internet hugs)))

What our members have said so far:

Eve – My greatest advice would be if the meds don’t work, keep arguing until you get ones that do… Via telephone!

Sara – oh my heart goes out to you, I am single mother diagnosed 2 and half years ago at the age of 31, my rheumy is also far away. I have gotten it to where I only go 1x a month but that is still difficult. I can only offer my sympathy as I am in the same boat

Linda – As for pain , heating pads and rest . My pain meds don’t touch a flare . I am so sorry you are going through this . Eyes swollen and watering ? Mine do that ! Is that yet ANOTHER symptom ? Dang …

Amanda – Did he try Enbrel ? I have been on it a yr and it has helped a lot .. I have RA in hands and ankles

Kim – I agree!! The best thing I did was search until I found the right rheumatologist for me. Now at 35 I have been seeing the same rheumy for over 10 yrs and he’s awesome!! Listens to me, is supportive, compassionate and really spends time finding the best treatment plan for me. I also think it’s so important to do your own research!! I’m always reading new health books that help me understand my chronic illnesses more and give me tips on what I can do to improve my daily life. You really have to take an active role!! Hope you find the right Dr for you!! Hugs!

Andrea – Wow! So sorry your having such reactions. My rheumy is 3 hours away too but he always tells me he’s a phone call away. Keep calling!! I have never had to go so often. My appt were always 3 months apart. Don’t give up!

Sara – RA is throughout the body, what do you mean by hands and ankles

Vickey – Google sjorgens syndrome! It’s auto immune as well.

Corrinne – Depending on the medications, they can take some time to start to work. When I was diagnosed it took almost three months for the meds to work. Once they did I felt soooo much better. Try to rest as much as you can given your situation, hot baths worked for me sometimes. Can I ask what medications you are on? I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of the disease and was placed on plaquinel, methotrexate by injection, and Celebrex originally, tho I now take meloxicam in place of Celebrex. Good luck

Karen – I’ve have an extreme form of RA and was diagnosed at 16. I am 30 now. Meds don’t work for me either. I take 6 Advil every morning and stay on a gluten free diet. This manages the swelling and pain for me. Good luck honey.

Marilyn – My Doctors are 4 hours from me; I used to go one or two times a month… Now my doctor lets me do self injections, Orencia, and I take Arava…. I check in with her by phone and go every 2-3 months. It will get better… And as suggested ask for a new med if current Meds aren’t working:)

Mary – There is no magic bullet but there are some really good meds. What most specialists do is try the less expensive treatments first. If those work, good news, ’cause they are cheap. If not, then they will try different drugs. I’ve never had problems with my eyes, but I know that others do, so it may well be from the disease or from the meds. Tiredness is a real problem and research indicates that depression may occur with the disease as well. There are some really good support groups both on line and you should look to see if you can find one locally. Your

Nikki – I got this damn disease when I was 21 and and had a 3 yr old to take care of and i am a single mom too it isn’t easy but like Eve said argue and keep persistent but I have the kind of Dr when I tell him what med I want he gives it to me. What mess are you currently taking?

Carmen – It also takes a while to see the full effects of the medication. I recommend u see an ophthalmologist for your eyes as RA affect the eyes as well, RA can affect most organ systems not just the joints. My first symptom of RA was severe inflammation of my iris. Because of my RA I now have to see the ophthalmologist every 6 months. Stay strong its tough at first but I found the right meds & can function better than when I initially was diagnosed, good luck

Brenda -Yes being tired is a symptom. You have to try the meds at least 3 or 4 months time for them to get in your system. It’s frustrating but well worth it when you find the one that works for you. The first few solutions didn’t work for me and I had a lot of frustration and a lot of tears and prednisone! But now I’m using Orencia and it is the solution for me. And I”m off the Prednisone! Hang in there!

Robin – As for the tired it’s typical for RA they don’t know why or no remedy just try to rest as much…for meds you have to find the right mix, it took my doc a long time to mix m match n yes i’m not in perfect shape or out of pain but a lot better than what I was!!! You need to constantly communicate with your doc n write everything down such as pain, issues, good days n bad it’s a long process!!!!

Rhoda – My hands and feet are worse then anything. As for the pain meds they really don’t help at in a flare up

Mary – Sorry, cut that off early. Just to say you are not alone. Get as much rest as you can, learn as much as you can and push your doctor to help you!

Rebecca – Hang in there sweetie. Prayers are coming from this community. We all feel for you. The best advise is rest, and leave dirty dishes if you must. Don’t miss your appointments ever! It takes time and experimentation to get the right meds for your body. Listen to your body, take care of you, and make any family you can understand how important it is you get treatments, and an ear to bend from time to time. I wish the best for you my dear.

Jody – Be persistent about finding something that does work. You can’t take care of your family if you can’t take care of yourself first. But also know that lots of medications do take quite some time before you feel relief. Don’t give up too soon.

Nancy – Being tired all the time is part of RA. Some days I am so tired, I have no energy at all. My eyes burn but i don’t know about them being swollen. When my body flares it hurts everywhere.

Bekah – Until you experiment with the medications that help most, and trust me it takes time, always tell your doctor its not helping so that you can get the right meds in time….Also its very good for me personally with both Lupus and RA to use ice packs on particularly horrid spots that even pain meds can’t touch enough……I keep about five ice packs cold at once and use as many as i need to get rest in a bad flare….Sadly, RA takes time to be worked out to the point of a little comfort……….be very persistent with your Rheumy….Never settle for what doesn’t work..After all you are spending time and money that is not easy for you to get help so be sure to make it worth every mile sweetie…And I am so sorry for your pain at that age..I was stricken at age 49…………..still too young…

Suzanne – I wish I had a good doctor I need to find out if fibromyalgia is the only thing or. If it is RA since my mother had it before she died as well. For you I would suggest trying alternative medicine. I’m finding staying away from processed foods helps my pain when I eat white flour and sugar the pain is so intense I can’t walk I just stay in bed crying taking sleeping pills and pain killers to relive the pain. But exercise in moderation and proper diet is very helpful. I also drink a juice called Nopalea

Shelley – Unfortunately there is no ‘one for all’ solution with regards to medication/other treatment. I was diagnosed at age 4, now 26, and medication-free but I know how difficult it is to find something that works! Just keep positive and know that there is something out there that will help you, it’s just finding it!

Kimberly – i know this is hard, i know its a pain in the A**, but follow up with the Dr, figure out what meds work for you, so you can be around for your children long term….hopefully you will mind a medication that puts you in remission so you can have your life back….it seems like a lot for right now, but think long term….you don’t want damage to your joints…that is irreversible

Laurie – I too was just put on Enbrel, the first shot helped so much, I could not use either hand, without extreme pain,for about a year now,and just pain without doing anything,f and I can say I am feeling so much better…my eyes don’t water,and hurt, much anymore either! Good luck , don’t give up just keep trying…

Janice – I found that avoiding red meat has helped me – I haven’t had beef etc in over 16 years. After the first 6 mos, I had beef ribs by accident and the next day I was in more pain – after I went over all that I had eaten/done the day before, we figured it was the beef. I have avoided it since then. Hasn’t always been easy, but I found that veggie burgers help on the days I really want “beef”. Wish you the best of luck. Read all you can and learn everything, keep a daily log to see what has helped/hurt you more. Weather, food, drink, etc – good luck.

Gayle – I can honestly say don’t be surprised by what happens with your body. RA affects so many body systems. Before I was diagnosed my hemoglobin was 6.5. Had all kind of tests for internal bleeding and of course diagnosis of anemia. Wanted to do blood transfusions. Then was diagnosed with RA and started on methotrexate. Within 6 weeks my hemoglobin was normal, had less pain and fewer problems. My biggest problem now is fatigue. I just wish I wasn’t so tired all the time.

Theresa – I’m 40 and it’s been 8 years diagnosed. I am tired all the time, cancel allot of engagements. I take plaquenil but it doesn’t always work. I exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet. I seem to do OK unless I flare up. Hot baths and learn to rest in between doing things. It all helps in small ways. My rheumy is 3 hours away too. Sucks but I like him. Tramadol is awesome too for pain.

Demetrice – Would you be interested in a Natural Approach for your condition….I have a friend with RA that has come off of all her meds using these products. Message me if interested….They all have helped me come off of diabetic meds…

Lisa – My eyes hurt when I have a flare up & I feel shattered.

Charity – take turmeric its the best anti inflammatory on the planet…. a dash of black pepper with it makes it more bioavailable

Willis – Have any of you ladies heard of Moringa Oleifera?

Carrie – I’ve heard that moringa oleifera is supposed to be helpful with the symptoms of RA but don’t know much about it. Have you tried it?

Edie – I could not read all the previous posts, but just a gentle reminder that one of the most difficult things about managing this disease-it may take long as 6 mos to know whether a drug is working. Also, see if you get get OT locally. Learning to protect our joints & balance rest and activity,etc., may give you a good deal of relief. Being on meds is only part of disease mgmt-you will need some help to learn how to live differently, precious one.

Alice – My only advice is never stop your medication once you are feeling better. I have done this only to realize that the flare comes back with a vengeance. The med that does wonders for right now is prednisone and plaquenil.. soon I will start with enbrel. And although I haven’t experienced problem w my eyes I do experience fatigue…so I sort of take advantage of my good days and rest on the not so good ones.

KaiCal – depending on the day, I would switch between heat and Ice. Keep on the meds and aleve and wait for the meds to take up. It takes awhile, a few cycles before relief starts. So sorry it’s hard for you

Allen – I was diagnosed 6 years ago and I’ve been where you are a bunch of times and I have not found any relief, in fact, the meds cause more trouble than they do good.

Jeanne – Enbrel has helped the most with the tiredness. I still hurt but is not as bad. I am feeling run down right now and am hoping it is not the flu. If your body hurts all the time what is the difference with the flu.

Anne – My meds took about 2 months to start my improvements and enbrel is a life saver for me.. That took about 2 weeks for great results

Lucy – I’ve had RA since I was 16 & now I’m 43. I’ve tried lots of different meds over the years, gold shots, plaquenil, Embrel to name a few. The only thing that has helped is Orencia! I haven’t had a flare in over 10 years! It’s the only thing that has worked & not stopped working! I think all of us living with RA owe it to ourselves to not give up trying no matter how long it takes. I pray you find what works for you! Ask your doc about Orencia, it’s a biologic. God bless!

Stephanie – A vegetarian diet has also helped me tremendously I have found its not the meet itself but all the additives they put in it nowadays because wild deer and the like don’t bother me.

Patty – sorry but I left RA warrior too many fights! ridiculous…rheumatoid babes is great everyone is nice and no fighting!

Esther – My heart goes out to you! No one knows what your body is going through better than you. Yes, sleeping and I mean sleeping for long periods…I have gone with 20 hours of sleep only to turn around and do it again. I was dx 10 years ago and have gotten to the point of being tired of meds and their side effects. Learn to understand what your body is telling you, learn to de-stress and calm your body and learn that most people don’t understand RA and what it is doing to your body. I can’t imagine going through this as a single mom…so hang in there, kid. And remember you have found a place to vent and maybe get some good advice. Stay strong

Betsy – I am also 29 (two young kids) and was diagnosed when I was 14. Stay in your meds and be completely honest and upfront with your doctor. If something hurts, tell him. If you don’t think something is working, tell him. It can take years for a right combo to work, but its worth it. I know it’s hard but hang in there.

Betsy – Maybe you can find a primary doctor closer to you that can work with your Rheumy so you only have to go there once a month? Just a thought

Sandy – The tearing is due to dry eye which is yet another symptom of RA. Hugs. I was diagnosed at 27. Still haven’t found the right medication but plugging along.

Clare – Oh bless you , they always tell you are the pain and swelling but they never tell you about the other side affects – anger and frustration . see if your rheumatologist has a helpline I know mine does where a nurse answers the call and can give you advice.  I suffer with swollen watery eye that turn red . It’s called episcleritis and is linked to my RA.  KEEP FIGHTING and look after yourself x

Michele – For all of you with the dry eye issue, try systane balance eye drops. They are OTC. Very helpful.

Francis – I am also 29 and was diagnosed almost a year ago. On my first flare doctor ignored my symptoms and prescribed me rest and chicken soup and said i just had a virus and had to ride it out. Next morning i woke up worse. I had been swollen and had flu like symptoms for more than a week. I went to another doctor and received some help. I am now on plaquenil since then and just started methotrexate about 5 weeks ago to get more relief. I use heat packs, hot showers, wraps, ibuprofen, and sleep as much when my body asks for it. Hope this can help you. You can friend request me and we can talk about this a little more. It always help to have someone that knows how you feel. Hope you feel better soon!

Regina – I’ve had RA for 6 months; on Methotrexate and Folic Acid, mornings takes about an hour to get going, nap in the afternoon helps

Jill – I have had RA for 12 years and it is mostly about a great support system, finding the best medical team for your needs, and I believe that diet plays a huge part. Check out Everyday Paleo and research it. My symptoms are subsiding even more than with my simponi. Lmk if you need anything or have any questions.

Suji – Hi, I got diagnosed with RA at 34 right after having my 3rd child. It was really depressing to try and take care of a new born and a new disease plus 2 others. Food really does make a difference. Cut out everything processed. The woman who said turmeric works – it really does – I take whole dry turmeric and boil it in water, w/ pepper like she said and ginger. I put garlic and ginger in a veggie/fruit smoothie – cut out sweets – it’s really hard for me to do. – and cut out most grains – it can help relieve pain right away – this should help while you find the right medication for you. I have been on supplements and homeopathic treatment and it’s been better than when I first started with this. It’s a slow process, but I’m not in chronic pain anymore. Good luck… prayers for all of us…

Bekah – Also do not buy into snake oil…If someone claims that a natural substance will fix your problem its just not true…because there are people that have suffered the effects of RA for many years and they are the ones to look to for help…Those are the people that helped me the most in the beginning…Everyone I knew was trying to say that this herb and this natural thing would be the cure all for me and abandoning traditional medicine can be life threatening with Autoimmune disease….Always check with your specialists first before embarking on things that are not tested properly and do not have an FDA approval! Use common sense and tell people that if that cured RA no one would have it now! LOL

Missy – Enbrel worked wonders for me too. If your doctor hasn’t mentioned it please ask him about it. Also do some research on your own on the internet. In early diagnosis to get things under control you’ll benefit a lot from prednisone but don’t get hooked on a large dosage & ween yourself off after you start feeling better & the other drugs start kicking in. See an eye doctor about your eyes & make sure you see one annually too because RA can often affect your eyes & the earlier they diagnose a problem the earlier they can treat it. Also don’t be afraid to ask for pain medication from your specialist or your family doctor. I’m on some heavy duty narcotics – dilaudid, but without them I’d be bed ridden with the pain. Remember its your body & only you can tell the doctor how you’re feeling, don’t just become a number to them. Ask your family doctor if there’s a specialist closer to your home. I was travelling 2 1/2 hours away to my specialist & then found out there was one an hour away. Also don’t think you’re too young for this nasty disease as I was diagnosed when I was only 14 months old & have had to deal with it my entire life. Sometimes I think its harder for the people who get diagnosed later in life because they know all the stuff they’re missing out on & I don’t miss those things because I just was never able to do them. Remember as a single mom to stay strong for your kids, I have two girls & they keep me strong. Also don’t be afraid to ask for help. In just about every community there are community centers that offer help to seniors & the disabled. They can help you get groceries, take you to doctor appointments & many other things. Please know that you’re not fighting RA alone, they are a lot of us out there & we’re always here if you need to talk! Support can make all the difference:)

Rochelle – as for your eyes watering and swollen you need to see eye doctor quick. My left eye did that all the time. It turned out to be uveitis from RA. I loss my vision but thank God i got it back. I use icy hot arthritis cream to help with some of the pain. It eases it up some but not enough to say im comfortable. Ask your doctor about Tramadol for pain, it works pretty good. Good luck and I’m praying for you

Stephanie – For a flare like that, ask the doc to call in some prednisone or pain killers to a local pharmacy if you aren’t already on them. That way you don’t have to drive all the way to the doctor. I used to live 2 hours away from my rheumatologist…it was terrible! Hang in there.

Dana – hopefully you can keep looking and find someone closer. If this doc is really good its worth the trip, BUT, He will have to understand that he has to call you and call things in and “doctor over the phone”. I agree, a few days of steroids will help to get through this. What are you on? If I didn’t have my plaquenil, I’d ache every single day.

Pati – Was on Methotrexate, with no results, then on Arava till infections started. Now on Rituxin (1/2 strength) every 6 mos., twice a month. My Rheumy gave me Lidoderm patches and they were a lifesaver, they are sticky and I can wrap them around my most painful joints as needed. You can only wear for 12 hours but so great to put them right were the pain is most intense. Gotta be sure they are covered when your around the kids tho.

Bobbie – i have been taking plaquenil for many years (lupus) and my ra concerns are mostly hands n feet- my doctor started sulfasalazine last year and i was doubtful but desperate really – took about 3 months but it curiously much improved my overall quality of life- my bad days are nothing like they used to be and long in between- i also have Rxs for meloxicam and Tramadol but they are rarely used anymore haven’t filled them for many months- everyone is different- my thinking reading the comments is the most important thing is to find a good rheumatologist someone you can talk to who listens

Shannon – Sorry you are in a bad way. I live in a rural area miles from anywhere and when it has been too difficult for me to go to the rheumatologist we speak on the phone instead, but I also go to my local GP. The two of them keep in touch so they can work out the best meds for me and then when I feel up to it, I go back to see the specialist. Perhaps you can find a local doctor who can help you in the meantime. Good luck!

Annette – sorry you are in so much pain with R/A —it had me in my 30’s and limited my life… just getting out to my car to drive daughters to school was horrific. I could not believe the most I screamed ‘thats an old ladies thing’ == who knew? Was put on 15 aspirin a day for first few years… had to quit work.. then injected methotrexate once a week… I got so sick within an hour after injection…. but it helped the pain a lot!! I was one of the first on HUMIRA which is my miracle drug…no pain and no side affects.I hardly use it now….one injection every 2 or 3 months it like a cure to me ^&^ And they have a program where you only pay $5 for a 2 injection box

Doreen – My pain doc prescribed an anti-inflammatory cream called voltaren, it’s a miracle lotion. Ibuprofen first thing in am, and before bed helps. Fish oil supplement is a great natural anti inflammatory and also good for your heart. Gentle stretching a few times a day and walking/biking help me tremendously. So does yoga. These are all things that help me and I make a part of every day. Newly diagnosed is a scary time, and there’s a lot of scary words used like chronic, pain, lifelong, etc. you’ll hear a lot of options, advice etc. just keep working with your doc until they find the right treatment. We are all each and every one of us, different. Different severities, different symptoms. Don’t get discouraged or give up hope yet. The 2 hour drive will be worth it. a good pain manager will also be a great partner with a great rheumatologist. And, there are a few great books and sites regarding RA, like this one. Don’t give up. Get a good support group.

Mari – I was diagnosed 2 years ago I’m now 44 and I was initially on prednisone meloxicam and methatrexate although the prednisone was a temporary 6 month treatment it made me gain a lot of weight and made me crazy when we stop that unfortunately the methatrexate had me develope severe mouth ulcers they were at times the size of a quarter and I just could not do that anymore so we switch to Orencia and it has been a huge blessing. I no longer take the melixicam just the orencia 1x shot per week….you may have to try different meds until you find what works

Shannon – I too am 3 hours from my doc and have to make the drive. I am also a single mom. It’s hard but what everyone said above is true. You can add me if you like and we can talk. I pray that you find some relief and comfort for your pain.

Pennie – Eyes are a huge concern! Get to an eye doc quick or even an ER. RA causes lots of issues with eyes. It is a fact that once we deal with one auto immune issue our bodies are subjected to developing more. I’ve had RA since I was 19, I’m now 39. I developed Grave’s Disease only in my eyes though. I have to have my eyes checked every 6 months. Initially my symptoms were extremely watery eyes and blurry vision. Dry eyes are also common with RA. I’m sorry it’s so far to your rheumatologist. Recommendation: see your Rheumy every other month and follow up with your primary care on the off months. They can collaborate and work together to provide you with the best care possible care. Two heads are better than one. Feel free to add me as well. You can also in box me if you would like to talk privately. Best of Luck!!

Connie – For natural relief – high Omega 3s & isotonix OPC3.

Alison – If you have insurance, look into the biologics: Remicade, Orencia, Actemra, Humira, Enbrel. Manufacturers all have help-pay programs for those without insurance. All have risks, yes, but I have my life back, and that’s pricelss to me!

Deb– Always call your doc to report flares. Don’t wait until your next appt. initially I saw rheumy once a month the first couple months. now 3-4 months. Ask about longer time between appt after you get on meds that help. My eyes also water alot and so far the eye Dr says they are fine. Your medical insurance will pay for eye exams because of RA.

Angie – My heart goes out to you. My biggest advice is to just hang in there and be patient with yourself. It took me a good year or more to find the right combo of meds but I still have flares. Get people around you who will help with day to day stuff. And SLEEP!!!!! You must, must, must get enough sleep. You need More than the average person.

Joanne – Unfortunately, getting the RA under control can take months. Do you have other options for rheumatologist closer to your home? What did the specialist put you on?

Patricia – I was dx with RA 3 yrs ago. It took some time to get the right meds adjusted. Being that your doctor is so far away, I would ask him to give you a shot of Cordisone. I had that done in the very beginning because I was so swollen, could not walk & every bone in my body hurt. It worked like a miracle after a few hours & it lasted a few months. In the meantime I inject Humira every other week & take Predisone daily & I have been in remission for 20 months already. I hope this helps you……..I feel for you cause I’ve been there & so has everyone else on this postings.

Casey – I am the one that sent this question in. First of all, thank you for all of the comments. I have only been able to read a few but what I have read has been very informative. The specialist has me on, hydroxychloroquine, methotrexate and folic acid as of now. I have been on these for about 3 months now and there has been no change in pain/swelling. I usually take about 4 Tylenol or Ibuprofen just to make it through the afternoon. I am very tired all time and honestly, I am sure that there is some underlying depression…I just refuse to notice it.

Lillie – I know of a way that is worth trying. Please friend me and send me a pm.

Patricia For anyone that has an autoimmune condition, no matter what it is.

Debra – I’ve had RA since 1989, and I can tell you that Pennie and Alison above are spot on. Also, there is a high incidence of addiction with the narcotic pain meds. Try to avoid them as much as possible. By reducing your inflammation (controlling/slowing down the disease) your pain will be reduced as well. Anti-inflammatory medications, DMARD’S and biologics reduce inflammation and slow down the disease. You want to hit the disease early with these meds to preserve as much joint function and prevent damage to organs as much as possible. Will you be pain free? No. People who live with RA for years are a tough bunch. We develop a high pain threshold. Most biologics and DMARD’s require 3 months to see a positive result. I know, it’s brutal to wait that long–I’ve been there. It may take a lot of tweaking to get the right combination that works for you, but when you hit upon the “right” combo for you, you will feel so, so much better. DEFINITELY go see an ophthalmologist! RA can lead to permanent vision problems. I’m so sorry you’re going through this, but know that compared to when I was diagnosed, there are more treatment options than ever. God bless, and feel free to message me.

Angie – You will probably need to try different meds until you find the one that helps. Be your own doctor, read and inform yourself on all the different meds and home remedies. Epsom salt baths help and yoga has helped me too. You are so very young and I wish you the best. I was 43 when I became ill and my kids were teenagers. Hang in there and don’t give up.

Gayle – The best thing that helped me was getting enough sleep and keep my stress to as little as possible. You need to take a little time to relax even if it is 15 minutes to close you eyes and dream. Being tired was the hardest thing for me to deal with. I have had RA for 25 years. You and your Dr. will find the right balance of meds. When you combo is right you will feel better. I have the attitude that I am not sick just need to live my life a little different. Stay as positive as possible and have a good friend to vent to. Best of luck to you!

Consuelo – It is hard in the beginning, trying different meds and the frustration of new limitations in life. I found fighting the inflammation and controlling the pain were most important. It is a new world with the beast, stay as positive as you can, it really helps:) Visit these blogs, you can find great info here. God Bless!

Patricia – I am sharing this from another RA site:
ARTHRITIS: Arthritis patients may take daily (morning and night) one cup of hot water with two tablespoons of honey and one small teaspoon of cinnamon powder. When taken regularly even chronic arthritis can be cured. In a recent research conducted at the Copenhagen University, it was found that when the doctors treated their patients with a mixture of one tablespoon Honey and half teaspoon Cinnamon powder before breakfast, they found that within a week (out of the 200 people so treated) practically 73 patients were totally relieved of pain — and within a month, most all the patients who could not walk or move around because of arthritis now started walking without pain

Wanda – I use glucosamine and fish oil as well as Ibuprofen. It helps some…I also eat very little sugar and no sodas…diet or otherwise. This is helping my pain level the most.

Carol – [[hugs]] Stress is a huge, huge factor in RA symptoms, and being a single mom is about the most stressful job on the planet. Reach out to your family, friends, church, etc. for help. You must take care of yourself first or you won’t be able to take care of your kids! Ask for a referral to a medical social worker who may have some ideas for you. Hang in there!

Karis – I was 29 when I was diagnosed, it took 6 months to get the disease under control enough for me to function enough to drive or work at all. I am on plaquenil and methotrexate and have rotated through several biologics- enbrel worked for almost a year, since them I’ve tried orencia, humira – neither worked and now I’m on cimzia which seems to be starting to work ( I’m at 4 months and it takes 6 to rule it out) so I’m hopeful. I’m with the other ladies on getting lots of rest, eat healthy foods, go to pain management if you need to, I see a chiropractor who helps my knees a great deal, swimming and yoga help, good shoes help, soaking baths or saunas are wonderful healers, some of the topical gels can be helpful. My eyes are very dry- I use eye drops constantly and with the plaquinel see an eye doc twice a year to check my vision. Good luck.

Debi – It is hard to find the right meds, it took me at least 6 month. Make sure you tell your Rheumatologist everything and if they don’t listen, find someone who does. You are going to have to change your lifestyle to slow down and it is hard to get used to and accept. I know this is hard, go on this site & we will help. God Bless , hugs & prayers.

Michele – I was diagnosed with RA 15 months ago and this is what has helped me…first I used to try to avoid anything for pain because I was in denial and rebelled against any meds thinking I would trudge through…well now I look at all my meds as tools. I’ve learned that to function as well as possible I need the right tools to live as fully as I can. Don’t go without your meds. I take Naproxen for pain and gabapentin…these help mostly and some days they do nothing but I am in much better shape than I was a year ago. Also I had the eye problems like you are describing, tearing, dryness and redness and now use Refresh Tears (sensitive) my ophthalmologist recommended them twice daily…i have to admit I’m good about using them when my eyes are bothering me but don’t use them everyday. Heating pads help, sleep, vitamin D, Iron and B 12… I am deficient in all these so supplements with monthly B 12 shots help with energy. I hope you feel better soon. Better days are coming! One day at a time, just do your best each day…accept your limitations and speak up for help you need! Hang in there.

Cheryl – Take the pain meds as often as needed and prescribed and move when you can and don’t when you can’t. Wishing you some relief asap!

Kay – I have had RA for four years now. I have been taking plaquenil, methotrexate, enbrel. Enbrel is not working as good as it has in the past so now the rheumy wants me to switch to humura. I haven’t heard many stories about it but i hope it works. I work a full time job as a nurse and have two daughters. I am so tired some days and walking is such a struggle for me at times. It is hard. I find relief with a hot bath in my Jacuzzi tub with lavender Epsom salt. I do sleep a lot. My eyes water. I’m in pain a lot. I feel so sorry for you. You are so young. I am 44. give the meds time to kick in, it seems like it want get better but they will. And pray, the good Lord had the biggest part on me getting to were i am today.

Kathy – I was diagnosed about the same time, try a HOT BATH

Nilsa – First I want to say that this disease take a while to accept any kind of treatment, everyone is different some see some results sooner than later and other take much more time. My daughter has RA and was diagnosed in 04/2011 but was in pain since 11/2010 and she went on treatment with humira and it started working about six months into the treatment and then it started slowing down. So you have to be patient. I know that’s hard to hear but that is what happens. Wish you lots of luck.

Elizabeth – I would find a doctor closer to where you live…. It would probably be easier for you. I was diagnosed in August of 2011. On Enbrel and it took three months to take effect. Also on Arava and Naproxen (2 x’s a day). I have many other illnesses and meds that I am taking. I still have flare ups, wake up with pain in the morning until I get myself moving around (showers help me). I believe I will never be pain free. But there is still hope for all of us that suffer with this. Good luck to you…

Linda – I know the doctor is far away, but try to go as often as you can, so you can find out what works for you,.there is no cure, but Ra, has a lot of different medication, and there is one for you.Its important too got to the Dr tho….good luck!!..

Kim – methotrexate takes 6 weeks to start working so my Dr kept me on steroids until i felt better, I would also ask to try enbrel if you are in that much pain. I’m also young and a single mom, my son was 4 when he started helping me put my socks on. keep your head up and pray. better days r coming

RA Warriors Philippines – You really have to try and make time to visit a doctor. He may may some more options of getting your pain out. I hope you get better soon.

Bridget – my Doc. only sees me every 3 months and I’m not having any problems.But I’m sure if the blood test were coming back issues she would want to see me more. I have not had a flare up since Oct. until last week. I really believe its the weather change. Also my eyes water and sometimes the liquid coming out my eyes feel a little thicker than water.My Doc. has me on Vit. A for my eyes.  MTX can be hard on the retina

Michelle – I’ve had RA for 22 years. You need to go to your DR. To get on something that works for you! Because RA can be aggressive and you need to find something to slow the progression down. Only your Dr can help you and if your not happy with you Dr find a new one.

Heather – The doc is important! And once you find the right balance of meds the doc should spread out your visits. However for now don’t give up and keep going. Make sure tough let the doc know the difficulty involved with traveling to a visit and he/she may have other options for you.

Kathleen – I have had RA now for 35 yrs since I was 12 years old so have tried about every treatment available. Some work, some don’t, some gave to be changed because your body gets to accustomed to them and they stop working. Everybody reacts differently to each medicine as this disease can effect each person in different ways. As you are new to this I would recommend you start keeping journal of each rx you try and how they help or not as well as what things aggravate your RA as you’d be surprised how much you forget between drs visits and over the years so great to gave written record for your sake and drs. Research a lot but also take drs advice. Be wary if taking any vitamins or supplements without checking with your rheumatologist as some can have bad interactions. The key element is early and aggressive treatment so don’t put that off. Find a Dr that you feel very comfortable with as this disease is constantly changing so open communications between you and Dr (sometimes about very personal issues) is vital to successful treatment. Be prepared to potentially have to try multitude of combination of drugs and give each one the needed time to see if they work. As others mentioned you need to care for your whole self or it can be easy for depression to set in. Get involved with sites like these so you can talk to others who are dealing with similar problems because most people really cant understand what we go through on a daily basis. We are here to help each other through those rough spots. I’m taking guess you live in rural area if you have to drive 3 hrs to see rheumatologist. If not, have you looked into close by teaching hospitals as often you can find fabulous drs there? Also call your insurance company and ask them to look to see if any closer rheumy drs on their list. Its a lot to absorb so don’t try to do it alone. Try to educate your family and friends about it if they are willing to learn. Amazing jiw when my husband called my primary Dr and asked simple question about my RA and the Dr spent 2 months hrs on phone explaining how severe this disease was..after that my husband really changed how he talked about my RA and how much more he volunteered to do the things I couldn’t. Don’t be stubborn like I was in the beginning and insist on doing everything yourself. If friends volunteer help take them up on it but just alternate so you don’t overuse them. I used to feel guilty having them drive me back and forth to weekly visits as I have 4 other specialists due to ancillary diseases but then I realized I could repay them by buying them lunch, baking treats for them when I felt up to it, sending cards and little inexpensive gifts to show my appreciation. Most of all…stay strong and positive as attitude really does impact this disease but on the other side also allow yourself the concessional time to let loose and cry. Its okay to do so. Gentle hugs and best of luck.

Lisa – Hang in there. I know it’s hard. I was diagnosed with mctd 6 weeks after I had my daughter. She is almost 5 . Still trying to find the right meds. Lots of great support out here. I am having a major flare right now. I’m in so much pain

Eva – Eyes watering and swelling sounds like an allergic reaction to me. Call up the doc, maybe he/she can prescribe something else. RA makes you feel very tired. Avoid red meat and dairy. They cause inflammation in the body.

Anikó – within 1-3 month every medication should work – so try to find another one. for me vegetarian (egg and milk OK, sea fish OK, meat not!!) diet works pretty well, after a month flare is half without medication, and much easier . because of being vegetarian diet I need some extra vitamin, as B 12 and folic acid, and minerals as iron. if flare is lower, try mild exercise (consult with specialist) for 10 minutes every day, and try to sleep, and avoid cold weather, and air condition. sleeping is very important, too. good luck!

Nadine – I was 19 when first diagnosed and agree with you about hating being told I was too young. With your specialist so far away it is imperative that you have a great local GP. Also water exercise classes were a huge help, I had splints to support my wrists and orthotics for my shoes and this helped me to continue nursing. Yes fatigue is a big part of RA and as far as I am concerned far more debilitating that the pain

Andrea – If you aren’t talking about using medications….Alkaline diet, 5000 Vitamin D with magnesium 250 mg. If you want to take medication, Enbrel or a biologic. You need to get it under control to be a good mom and find relief again. You should not have to suffer. Find what works for you so you have a better quality of life, no matter how far the drive. Your health should be a huge priority. Watery eyes doesn’t seem to be an arthritis symptom. It might be caused from something else.

Laurie – Give the medicines time to work, and the one thing that I have learned is educate yourself on this disease, learn to rest when your body is telling you to rest even if it is just sitting for 10 minutes, stress causes flares, take a look at your surroundings and try to adjust those things that are causing the flares, if you start to feel a stressful moment, a few deep breaths can calm your body down and ease it, get all the help you can, don’t be afraid to lean on others and always ask for help.

Lynna – When I was first diagnosed, my GP advised I take 1000 mg of Vitamin C…I use Emergen-C and with a stroke of luck I found Vitamin Shoppe’s Ginseng Complex helps keep my energy level up since I have a labor intensive job and can’t afford to take time off since my divorce. Believe me, it is a struggle to keep moving but you will feel better the more you move. Oh, make sure you are taking a good multivitamin with the ginseng and Vit C Good Luck!

Denise – Take pain meds, stay ahead of the pain and try hot soaks if it is safe to use the tub. Give your meds time to to work, and if there is a fitness facility with a pool sign up for an Arthritis Foundation Aquatic class, or do light exercise on your own in a pool. Ask about physical therapy too. I was diagnosed at 32, now 54. It took years for me to grasp the idea of movement to help with pain and stiffness. I am now an instructor with my local YMCA and work with the Arthritis Foundation. You have a future, live your life as best you can. Give thanks every day for the good things in your life.

Jean – Stay with the rheumatologist and see if you can communicate via phone or email between drives. You need to get this under control.

Ruth – I discovered when I have a flair up I take a prednisone packet for a week, it’s a miracle. Ask your doctor about it.

Sherri – Don’t let the distance to your Dr keep you from getting on all the good drugs out there today! When I was 10 and diagnosed in 1980 there was nothing but aspirin for me. I’ve had many joint replacements and my feet are shot due to severe RA. Being diagnosed today has a much better outcome w/ less disability.

Louise – Yes. Learn your body. When I was young in my late 30’s MDs told me I was clumsy when I tripped or dropping things. Thing shuts fell out of my hands sometimes or my fingers locked. My hips hurt but MD said that it was from carrying kids on hip. Always a reason. Then when I was 58 yr and my husband died. I was in pain during the last month of his life. Then when he died I froze. I could not move. The labs showed RA. So I’ve learned to survive. I had to change diet and to rest and ask for help. It is a new way of life. Is am in pain now but start remicade next week. So just need to keep positive and take care of myself

Josephine – My daughter was 13 when hers started.. but it is a horrible complaint, wouldn’t wish it on anyone, just wish I could magic it away…

Kellie – I too am 29 with severe RA and am a Mom. I feel your pain. A hot shower sometimes helps. Rest when you can. Keep working with your Doctor. I am now starting Humira and mtx. I still feel the same but have hope something will work. My Mom has severe RA and is on Remicade and mtx. You might try Voltaren Gel it’s by prescription. My Rheumatologist recommended aloe gel not sure if it works. Arnica gel sometimes works. Keep working on it. I agree with Kathleen Walsh Rodgers. I wish you well.

Catherine – I’ve had RA since age 9. But it didn’t really invade my life severely until I got older. I could still function well but in my 40’s & 50’s it’s been really bad. I can no longer function as I previously did. I have trouble reaching or bending over and my legs, hands, feet, shoulder, and back is the worse. RA usually runs in families. But when I was diagnosed, I didn’t know of anyone in my family that also had RA. I do have 2 cousins with MS. ? It wasn’t until many years later that I reconnected with some of my first cousins that I hadn’t seen for 20 years. And guess what? One of them has RA. So I had a family lineage of RA on my father’s side of the family. Unfortunately, my cousin and I are the only one’s that truly understand how this disease can hamper your daily life. We try to tell our husband’s and sibling’s, but I think they believe it’s in our heads. Hopefully someday they will really listen to us. My best friend since we were in first grade died from RA complications at the age of 48. Her RA attacked her lungs, heart, and kidneys. That’s a severe case. My rhemy doctor & nurse told me that they usually don’t see RA this bad in someone my age. They usually don’t see it this bad until I’d be in my 80’s. Now that didn’t cheer me up! I’ve been on weeky injections of Methotrexate for many years, but I don’t see it helping much anymore. I’m currently on Arave everyday along with Plaquenil, Mobic, Folic Acid, Flexeril. I wish you the best. Walk everyday and listen to your doctor. I don’t understand why you have to go every month. Perhaps to see how meds are doing and tweak them? I usually see my rhemy twice a year unless I’m having problems.

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