[Member Discussions and Questions] Member Scared About Thyroid Issues with Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Member Discussions and Questions Member Scared About Thyroid Issues with Rheumatoid Arthritis Discussion from RA Chicks : Women with Rheumatoid Arthritis rachicks.comDecember 11, 2014

Have you dealt with this too? A member wrote in:

I am having thyroid issues, no T4. I had a panel for thyroid done to further investigate the cause and I am scared. I am currently diagnosed with RA, on Enbrel and plaquenil.

Have you dealt with this as well? Any advice or supportive words for this member? As always thank you in advance for taking the time to help answer your fellow Chicks’ messages. It is greatly appreciated. (((pain-free internet hugs)))

What our members have said so far:

Kayla – I also had a thyroid issue. It is an easy fix. My levels change from time to time so sometimes I need meds and sometimes I dont.

Gaynor – Same with me. After 6 months stabilised then got to come off meds, don’t be too worried, quite common I’ve found.

Linda – Same here thyroid issues first. Easy fix. No worries.

Lynda – First RA, 15 years later thyroid. My hair was shedding so bad for two years, I thought it was the Humira but it was the T4. On meds now for 4 months hair stopped shedding,feeling better. I agree with others that the thyroid is an easier fix BUT the two together can really make a person feel awful! Good Luck!

Donna – Thyroid first. .. now RA . Thyroid is easy fix but RA is a bitch. No need to worry re thyroid

Kathy – I believe mine started with hypothyroid issues also

Sandra – Many people with autoimmune diseases have more than one. I have RA, Graves, Sjogrens, and Barrett’s esophagus. Trust your body and its symptoms through this thyroid. If your levels even out but you still don’t feel “right” have the dr adjust meds. I do better when my thyroid is on the high end. So even if I am in the “limits” I still up the mess until the high end. Also follow directions or the meds (when to take, empty stomach, etc). No more grapefruit either. It affects the meds.  I really miss grapefruit. Prayers and hugs.

Denise – Have had hypothyroidism for about 25yrs. Just diagnosed with RA last year. I’m on plaquenil but may need to add something else. Take synthroid to keep thyroid in check.

Amy – I have a large multinodular goiter on my thyroid. I have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism but my labs keep coming back just shy of needing medicine. It’s quite frustrating. Wish they would figure mine out. Good luck to you.

Tammy – Had/have hyperthyroidism, still on meds after about 2 years…

Becki – I also have thyroid issues. Synthroid only makes up to 200 mcg. So now I’m taking 225 mcg. So I have to pay for two different strength Synthroid Rx every month.

Jacqueline – Me too….started with Graves Disease, hyperthyroidism, and multiple nodules on my thyroid. Had it removed via radiation ablation. Currently on Remicade iv infusions monthly, weekly methotrexate injections, prednisone, and pain relievers….so far not helping:(

Vee – Sounds like you need to review your management plan. You are on all the meds I took one at a time, good luck

Jacqueline – I’m going back to my rheumatologist on Monday for another Remicade infusion where my doctor will be increasing my dosage again…not looking forward to it. I’ve already tried humira, simponi, enbrel and actemra….allergic to some, some didn’t work, etc. At this point I firmly believe my RA wasn’t caught in time because I feel like I’m getting worse instead of better….uggghhh:(

Carrie – Same here thyroid issues first now ra and fibromyalgia

Virginia – My RA was preceded by Hashimoto’s disease, the autoimmune version of low thyroid. I have been on recognitions for nearly 18 years. It took about six months to get the dose correct but once they did I felt much better.

Annette – Issues with Thyroid were one of the first things I dealt with on my way to an RA diagnosis. It IS scary but fortunately, easily fixed. I have had to be on synthetic thyroid for a number of years. It works really well and it’s one small pill per day. I don’t notice any untoward side effects, just the effects that normal thyroid hormone would give me – please don’t worry too much. Once they correct this problem with meds, you will likely feel a LOT better! hugs

Bridget – Agree with these previous posts – started with hypothyroidism – then RA. Thyroid is an easy treatment – just be patient.

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