[Member Discussions and Questions] Downtime and Expectations on Hip Replacement? Member Needs Advice

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Member Discussions and Questions Downtime and Expectations on Hip Replacement Member Needs Advice Discussion from RA Chicks : Women with Rheumatoid Arthritis rachicks.comDecember 20, 2014

Hip replacement? A member wrote in:

My ortho doctor just gave me the news that I have reached the point that my only option is a hip replacement now. Can you ask the other members for experiences with this surgical procedure? I’m nervous and worried about downtime after, expectations, etc. Any advice is welcome. Thanks!

Have you had a hip replacements? Any words of advice to share with this member? As always your help in answering your fellow member’s message is greatly appreciated. (((pain-free internet hugs)))

What our members have said so far:

Sharon – I have had both my hips replaced and it was amazing. The pain you have prior to the surgery goes away completely. Nowadays they get you up and walking very quick, good luck x

Kami –  I’ve had one done. I’d have to say it was well worth it! The pain and discomfort before the surgery was worse than right after surgery. I was able to get up and get moving and felt such a relief. Now I’m anxious for the other one. Good luck.

Tomato – I had my first when I was 13 years old! Thirty odd years later, I still have same hip firmly installed!

Amy – Best thing Ever!!

Judy – You need to be strong and determined to get through the rehab part. That is always the greater challenge of any replacement surgery. But you can do it!

Tracey – I’ve had both of mine replaced and it’s probably the best thing I’ve ever done. Recovery is 6-12 weeks, and the first few weeks can be tough going but so worth it in the end.

Dianna – I’ve had both of mine done. I waited a little too long and because of that I had some nerve damage which cause ankle drop in one foot. But I’ve gotten along really well -its been 25 years for one hip and 23 for the other. They’re holding up very well. I’ve had both knees replaced too. And my left shoulder.

Ann – I agree with other posts. Bone pain is one of the worst, and you will have pain in the beginning after the surgery. But the difference you feel in your hip is so good, it is worth the post-op discomfort. Make sure to do your exercises, pre- and post-op, and take meds and precautions as your surgeon instructs you.

Maxine – I have had both of mine replaced and it is the smartest thing I ever did. They do get you up and going right after the surgery. I guess I would say the first week is the worst. Then each day gets better and better and there is no pain – none. I was dragging around my left leg/hip before my surgery and after 6 weeks I was walking…skipping. It gave me my life back. God bless my surgeon and therapist!

Jean – First one, I had a bit of a difficult recovery. But I do have to say the pool therapy was awesome! Second hip replacement was a breeze. So worth it! All the best!

Kay – Go for it takes all the pain away

Holly –  Just had a hip replaced 2 months ago. Oh so wonderful to have that constant pain gone!

Lynda – I had one hip replaced 19 years ago at age 32. It was miraculous! Recovery was not bad at all. I was back at work in 3 weeks. Much easier rehab than with the knee replacement I had 3 years ago (off work 6 weeks for that and lots of physical therapy).

Sherri – I had my hips done in 2001 and 2005 and still going strong! Rehab is much easier than for knees and ankles. You’ll do great!

Carole – definitely the best thing I did for my life, independence and mobility…I had both done, when I was 35…My Ortho who is the honestly the best one on earth told me I would be begging him for the 2nd one (and I, of course, challenged him on THAT) and he was right…the pain was immediately gone, rehab is a bitch…but you get out what you put in…if you want specifics as far as what to do before hand and what to expect afterwards and what made it better for me pls PM me. I will gladly share. good luck!!

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