How to Keep RA Chicks Facebook Posts in Your Newsfeed

How to Keep RA Chicks Facebook Posts in Your Newsfeed

How to Keep RA Chicks Facebook Posts in Your Newsfeed
by Niki Wyre

Where are the posts? Why can’t I see RA Chicks activity in my newsfeed any more? Hey I thought you disappeared!

I have gotten a lot of messages lately asking where the posts went to from member’s feeds or saying it has disappeared from their Facebook. If you aren’t getting the posts, due to Facebook changes, there are two possible reasons why:

1. You haven’t interacted in the page in awhile and Facebook only shows recently interacted pages and / or friends in feed. Honestly I don’t know why as really why would I “like” a page or friend someone if I don’t want to get their updates? Sigh.


2. You haven’t checked “Get notifications” option under like section.

So I made this screenshot to show you how it should be checked so you won’t miss out on anymore discussions or posts.

If there is not a check mark next to get notifications (see below picture), just click it once to select it so it looks like the one above. :)

Hope this helps and isn’t too confusing for those members new to our large Facebook family. Wishing you all well! (((pain-free internet hugs)))

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RA humor RA Chicks

[RA & Humor] 10 Times a Woman Doesn’t Want Hand Spasms

RA humor RA Chicks[RA & Humor] 10 Times a Woman Doesn’t Want Hand Spasms
A little bit of Rheumatoid Arthritis humor by Niki Wyre

While most patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis already know about hand / finger stiffness and pain, most are not aware about the high incidence of hand spasms. These uncontrolled muscle spasms often cause us to drop items on accident, tip things over and even toss items without the desire to do so. Most often than not the spasms are caused by cramping of the muscles caused by inflammation in joints and surrounding tissues.

While thinking about my less than fun “escapades” with hand spasms over the past few years I decided to write this blog.  You may laugh, cringe or wince, shake your head in acknowledgment or run for the hills in mortification. The items on this list of not-so-great-times hand spasms occur are a combination of my personal experiences, friends’ experiences and stories shared by our members.

Read on for these all-too-true, and incredibly familiar, moments that such hand spasms have touched more than the lives of women, like us, dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

hand spasm rheumatoid arthritis while applying eye makeup1.  Applying eye makeup:  
Mascara and eyeliner versus eye from hand spasm? It’s not pretty nor is a giant black or dark smudge across your face.  After years of trying to learn how to make a smoky eye look which ended up making me look like a raccoon, I gave up on that idea. One day and one hand spasm later, voila smoky eye! Too bad I was heading to the doctor. I’m sure they wondered why I was sporting the evening makeup look to my afternoon appointment.

A few of our members have reported hand spasms causing injury to eye and also offer an important tip: avoid water proof mascara!  Your hand spasms and you get it on your cheek only to not be able to wash it off unless you get out the industrial face cleaners that remove all your makeup not just a spot.
With eyeliner, especially if you have hands that shake a bit like mine, I find that if I try to do a thin line which often ends up more like a scribble I can use end of a sponge or applicator to blend it in without going for the whole smoky look.

hand spasm rheumatoid arthritis while applying lipstick2.  Applying lipstick:  
Nothing says “I look like a hot mess” than like lipstick smeared across your face during application. Prefer red or dark lipstick? Hello Courtney Love!

A member tip? Don’t get the long lasting lipstick or you will have an even harder time getting rid of smudges.
Another helpful idea is to use lip gloss instead of lipstick. With lip gloss you can apply the gloss to the center of your lips (closest to your teeth, not the edges of your lips) and then rub lips together to spread the gloss. One advantage to this method is you can wear whatever color you desire because the likelihood of it reaching your face is slim.
One of my friend’s absolute favorite methods is lip-liner as a base (the pencil kind, not the creamy kind). She doesn’t use lip-liner to just edge her lips – she uses it over the entirety of her lips. Basically, she’s replacing lipstick with lip-liner. If her hand slips the liner won’t mark her face because it’s a pencil. You can then add lip gloss for shine.

hand spasms while applying hair products that you spray on3.  Spraying hair products:  
Hand spasms with this can have three results:
a. Dropping the product which almost always lands on your foot
b. Spraying the wall or room behind you
c. Spraying product directly in your eyes, mouth or up your nose.
My body normally opts for latter, of course.

This makes me think of the overly enthusiastic Annelle (Daryl Hannah) spraying Truvy’s (Dolly Parton) hair in “Steel Magnolias.” Fortunately, the face shield Truvy used is not a movie-only prop. They can be purchased from beauty supply stores for around five dollars.

RA hand spasms while dying hair or applying makeup4.  Applying hair dye or chemicals:
Blue hair dye, hand spasm, what could possibly go wrong? *facepalm* By the end of that adventure, I’m pretty sure my tile and sink got more than my hair did. I have now since changed brands to a hair color that cleans up easily since I now have some very permanent stains from the old brand.

Tip: Most users that spill permanent hair dye on their sinks state that they have good luck with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or Clorox Bleach Pens. Of course, I’m lucky I didn’t paint my face or got it in my eye or something worse.  One of my friends ended up in the emergency room after splashing home perm chemicals in her eye. *wince*

RA hand spasms danger while spraying on topical pain treatments humor5.  Spray on or watery topical treatments:
Hand spasm while spraying or dripping these on?  Mine almost always goes for my eyes, mouth or, ahem, less desirable areas.  Biofreeze is one of my addictions but here are some additional tips for using spray on or other watery or runny topical treatments from experience:
a. Make sure any parts of you that you don’t want product on are fully covered.  I can guarantee underwear is not enough a protectant as I learned one day with spray on Biofreeze.  This is not an experience I recommend for any one.  If you have a topical one you apply that drips, the same coverage rules apply.  You do not want it going there. Trust me on that one.
b. Apply with fan turned off or facing away from fan.  This sounds like a no brainer but I’ve gotten it in my face too many times to count from not thinking and just spraying.
c. Wash hands very, very, very well.  No hand spasm needed for this oopsie. Where your hand goes so does whatever remains on your hand. Got an itch? Something in your eye? Hair caught in your mouth? Hope you washed your hands thoroughly.

RA hand spasms while tweezing unwanted eyebrow hairs6.  Tweezing unwanted eyebrow hairs:
Need I say more?  Opt for rounded tip tweezers if you are brave enough to attempt tweezing when you get hand spasms.  Otherwise you will have a fun to explain trip to the emergency room like one of my friends. Ouch.

Helpful tip: a friend of mine uses a small, electric-razor to edge between her brows and around the edges.

RA hand spams using feminine hygiene products humor7.  Feminine hygiene:  
No one else is going to say it, so, of course, I will.  Hand spasms while inserting a tampon… ouch.  Not to mention if you have birth control devices you insert or medication.  I remember laughing with a friend that needed to squeeze a small amount of medication for feminine issues and with one hand spasm squirted out over half the tube. There really is no good way for a hand spasm to end well when you are inserting anything down below.

Tip: If you’re prone to hand-spasms, wear a pad. Today’s pads are thinner, lighter and more absorbent than the ones of yesteryear making you feel less like you’re wearing a diaper.

RA hands spasms while shaving humor8.  Shaving around delicate bits and sensitive areas:  

Can you say ouch? There really is no good ending for this one.

I will let your imagination fill this one in…


RA hands spasms during hot wax humor9.  Applying hot wax to bikini line: 
Just close your eyes and picture it for a moment… yeah not so great. One of our members reported going to the emergency room for burns to her intimate bits after one spectacularly ill-timed hand spasm.

Tip: If you have regular hand spasms, but still really want your bikini line and delicate bits nicely groomed, this might be something you want to consider splurging on this service at a spa.


RA hands spasms during intimacy humor10.  During intimacy with your partner:
Let’s just say that you do not want hand spasms while handling certain bits on your partner, whether male or female.  This will not end well.  We laugh about it now, but a friend had a really bad experience with this. Her husband got the worse end of the deal, as you can imagine. She was absolutely mortified and felt bad for her partner but now it’s more a joke in their relationship since some time has passed.

Of course I could probably think up another dozen or so more, as could you, but I think this covers the funniest, most common and most cringe-worthy occasions for hand spasms to strike.  Have any of those happened to you?

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[Member Discussions and Questions] Rheumatoid Arthritis and Trigger Finger Issues?

December 4

From one of our members:

I am curious if others have experienced repeatedly developing trigger finger issues. I have had three repairs in two years and will be having another soon with two more developing.

What are your experiences with this? Please help by sharing yours with her. As always thank you in advance for taking the time to respond to this member’s message. (((pain-free internet hugs)))

What our members have said so far:

Cheryl – I had two. They healed and came back.

Mary – I have had one so far and have 3 affected right now so I know what you are saying My ortho wont touch me right now due to other issues with my health so I have to wait!!

Mercedes – The one I had surgically repaired in 1997 is still fine, but they come back fairly swiftly if I just get a cortisone injection.

Noël – I had one in 2003 that was surgically repaired and haven’t had trouble with it since. I now have another one in serious need of repair. I’ve had injections but it keeps coming back. I don’t think people who have not experienced trigger finger don’t understand how painful and uncomfortable it is. I wish you luck on your repair.

Connie – My right hand middle finger is odd recently–snaps out of joint & hurts for short period of time–is this the same condition–OMG what next

Gail – I have had 2 injections so far not sure if surgery even does the trick , I believe that its just one more of the issues we face with RA . It’s very painful, the shots seem to help for awhile. Oh, I do not remember signing up for this RA course, but don’t think I have a choice .. good luck and god bless.

Carol – I have had this problem with several of my fingers. Cortisone shots really seem to help. They are painful to get, but worth it.

Melissa – I do, but have never received treatment due to cost. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

Jocelyn – I have had trigger finger troubles off and on for years. 6 years ago one finger got so bad that I had to have surgery on it. Turned out that I had a cyst growing on my tendon that was causing the trigger finger. Since the cyst was removed I’ve not had any trouble.

Crystal – I have had surgery 3 times and I still have to get cortisone shots

Christy – On my 3rd surgery….my hands hurt so bad

Christy – Something that helped me…take a water bottle put it in the freezer and do ice message on the base of your fingers.

Dana – This was how I was diagnosed! I thought I was just knitting too much, and it turned out, nope, it was RA.

Patty – Have it on both middle fingers… I think its punishment for using them for evil purposes.

Danielle – Twice in 2 months different fingers both repaired them selves with my applying heat and massaging them xxx

Cheryl – All of my fingers are like that, was going to have surgery on my hands but they said it is so progressing in my body that they would go like it again,had my toes done but the second one is still hurting

Kelly – I had two repaired and no further problems but recently tried the cortisone shot w/o any real help…surgery coming next month and @ connie – yes that’s exactly trigger finger!!! sorry to say,,,,,

Becky – Not sure if it could be the beginning of what you guys are calling trigger finger. My pinkies lock and pop painfully at times along with all the other RA pain in my hands.

Kris – I have several and never have had them repaired after 18 years of this disease.

Peggy – I had it once and my doc gave me a cortisone shot. It fixed it quickly and never came back. Good luck.

Cassandra – I wish I could have cortisone shots, they used to help my fingers and my neck and back, i have moved from the UK to the US and don’t yet have any health care here : (

Kristine – I had 1 trigger finger episode that Hand Therapy helped cure … Before that I had DeQuervain’s Syndrome which hand therapy helped ..& right before my surgery day I noticed it went away …& I canceled surgery and it hasn’t come back ! Exercise super important to keep these conditions away when we have RA …I notice if I don’t exercise .. Aches and pains are worse ! I got these two conditions before I was diagnosed with RA ( only a year )…finger problems 4-5 yrs before

Arlene – I’m sorry what is trigger fingers?

Pennie – They are horrible!! I feel like I’m extra cursed since both of my middle fingers tend to be repeat offenders, literally! They stay extended so it looks like I’m flipping the world off! I’ve had numerous surgeries over 19 years. I continue to get they now. Surgery needed on three fingers at the moment.

Nina – I’ve had two for years. do you guys recommend the cortisone shot? I’ve had a terrible experience with oral steroids (prednisone GRRR).

Cynthia – I have had both thumbs trigger and corrected – both are clicking and catching again

Sue – I have had six done and they are all fine now. But they came on very quickly, and painful, so I had to do something. I work with hands a lot.

Cheryl – Both my ring fingers, but I don’t have any plans for shots or surgery. If it gets to the point that it stays stuck, though, I’ll see about it.

Cheryl – I had them all repaired, shots have had little effect. Need some fixed again but trying to put it off.

Heather – Trigger finger happened to me during my last flare, I would wake up with my left middle finger curled in a ball and immobile. It went away after about half an hour of soaking in hot water and massage. Since I increased my Humira it’s gone away.

Missy – Just had all fingers done (surgery) in Aug and still having problems. Nature of the disease I guess. I had 1 finger done on my rt hand 4 years ago and never had any problems. Cortisone shots work great but don’t last and most Drs won’t do more than 3 shots on the same finger. I have learned that each finger/ part of my body responds differently. Good luck!

Lexie – I can feel my last 2 fingers on both hands being pulled outward, all of my middle hand joints hyperextend or go back wards and spasm, oh how this hurts. I feel my fingers falling down, like collapsing my palm looks like a tiny bowl. Is this the start of trigger finger? Whoa, I pray to God for all of you, none of us should experience such pain.

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The above is a discussion created by a member and with member generated responses from our Facebook community ( put into a format so that the discussion can be archived for future answers needed by others in a searchable format while keeping member anonymity. Member provided information, statements and opinions do not reflect on or all individuals with Autoimmune Arthritis. We encourage all members to seek professional medical advice for any specific questions and concerns as this does not substitute competent medical care.

[Member Discussions and Questions] Rheumatoid Arthritis and Birth Control Advice?

December 4, 2013

One of our Chicks wrote in yesterday:

Is there any advice from the RA chicks about birth control? I’m going to my doctor(s) soon to discuss starting, is there anything thing you would suggest I bring up or try?

As always thank you for your time and input. It is greatly appreciated. (((pain-free internet hugs)))

What our members have said so far:

Melissa – The Depo jag is great, doesn’t interact with any RA meds, and can be used long term (good if u change to RA meds that its dangerous to fall pregnant on).. One jag every 11 weeks and u don’t have to worry.

Janet – Natural Family Planning (NFP) works and is much, much better for your body. With all the stuff we have to take for our RA, it makes sense to find a solution that is non-chemical. Just be sure to find a doctor who knows how it works or look up NFP on the Internet to find a practitioner near you who can teach you. It works.

Kirsten – My RA always gets totally crazy around period time, so what I have done for the last year plus is to take BC continuously. It helps keep my body a little more stable and also has a nice side effect of no real periods unless I stop the pills – which I usually do two times a year or so when the breakthrough bleeding is bad enough to merit it. I will say though that means I’m usually on my period for longer – 2 weeks to a month or so. But I’d rather have one bad month where I know it’ll be bad about every 6 months than a bad week every month.

Bri – I hated to take another pill and since RA has a lot to do with hormones I didn’t want to mess with that. I have had an IUD for 9 years and I love it. No more periods causing flares. Not for everyone but it works for me.Good luck on your search

Becky – Any birth control I used interacted poorly with my RA/lupus meds. I had a tubal and ablation in June as I’m finished having children.

Candice – I have an IUD as well. I got it after having my second child and it is a blessing. No pill to remember or anything and it lasts 10 years.

Amy – Mirena for me… the first 4-6 mos u have mild side effects but well worth it. No other side effects after that!

Nicole – I love my IUD

Julie – I haven’t been able to take the pill, the jag or coil or anything that has hormones in it. It gives me a major flare which results in me trying to sleep standing propped against a wall. Was the worst flare if my RA life, which is 20 years on now. I hope you find something that works for you. Trial and error I suppose. Good luck. Xx

Autumn – I haven’t had any bad side effects while using nuva ring, plus it’s one less pill you have to worry about taking!

Amy – Mirena has been wonderful. No med interactions. No side effects. I’m on my second one.

Sara – continuous cycle birth control, no more painful periods

Pennie – My RA is pretty severe. Oral birth control affected my liver function and even caused a lesion on my liver. I tried the Nuvaring only to have vaginal skin inflammation & burning. I then tried an IUD w/ hormones(forgot the name), that was the worse! Since an IUD is creating uterine inflammation my body did NOT like it and I flared like never before! Nightmare!!!
I now use Implanon. It’s inserted under the skin in one of your arms and lasts 3 years. I’m on my second insert and it has worked the best. Unfortunately it is very possible for our period to become unpredictable and trying the “Natural” method simply is unwise. The meds we take are too dangerous to risk getting pregnant on.
Good Luck!! I hope you find something that works for you!!!

Mayce – I would highly recommend the IUD, not taking another pill is a major plus. And you don’t have to think about it. I have had two. The first one I had in for several yrs and then decided i wanted one more child. Had it taken out had a baby then had another put back in. Coming up on the ten yr mark so i will getting another one.

Linda – I could never be on one because of my lupus. Yet I know there are some now that are very low in estrogen

MA – I have the Mirena and haven’t had any problems with it so far. I have had it 5 years and I am about to get it replaced and will be going that route again. I love it!!

Melissa – I’ve been using depo for years. No interactions, no period.

Callie – Continuous cycle pills here, too. Because I flare like mad during my period, having fewer periods really helps. But unlike the comment above, I have 3 or 4 periods, and they are very short (5 days max).

Jennifer – I have the mirena too. My gynecologist actually recommends it to her RA/AS patients. Since it has progesterone and not estrogen it tends to eliminate those “period flares”. I have found it really made a huge difference and you can’t beat not having a period or the worry about getting pregnant for 5 years.

Renee – I use a Mirena IUD, which I love. It has helped in numerous ways and is estrogen-free, a plus for those of us who experience migraines. I’m approaching the 5 year mark and will be having it replaced for sure!

Bari – I used the nuvaring which was great but my insurance company thought it was a “designer” method and my co-pay was unaffordable. I got the Mirena IUD and love it

Kristin – Ladies with IUDs- did the hormones affect your mood “feeling crazy” or libido? BC pills have for me which is why I refuse them. Your Insight is appreciated!

Gemma – Been on Depo injection for 14 years, never had a problem x

Heather- I have also used depo for years with no problems at all and no periods! Nice to have one positive physically!

Betsy – I’ve been using the Nuva Ring, but developing an allergy to the hormones. I’m switching to para guard, which is the copper IUD. You can use it as short or as long (up to 10 years) as you want.

Lori – I hated taking another pill, so I’ve been using OrthoEvra (the patch). It’s fantastic. Slap that baby on and go about your business. It does tend to itch (lightly) on the application site for a day or so though. Small price to pay for the huge convenience.

Dianne – I don’t know much about that and interaction with RA and drugs etc, but I do know that my flareups were tied to my cycle and so I went with the implanon which is inserted into your arm and lasts four years. I don’t have a period on it which has really helped with my daily life. But I am past childbearing age, so it was an easy decision to make. For someone younger it might not be a good idea. It can’t hurt to check into it and it’s nice to not have that one other thing to worry about. I also have fibroids which factored into the decision.

Dana – Mirena IUD. No problems at all. Used to do the pill, but gave me bad headaches.

Ria – I tried the depo shot, the pill, etc but my RA is so severe and I’m already on meds for that I wanted a BC method that didn’t contain more meds/hormones/etc. So my Dr suggested an IUD (the copper non hormonal IUD), and it last for 10 yrs, u don’t even know its there. I got it a few months after I had my son in 2001 so I had to have it removed in 2011. I never had any complications with it; I had normal periods because it had no hormones etc, also it still let my body do what it needed to do so it didn’t mess with my fertility if I should choose to get pregnant again. Coincidentally, after I had mine removed I got pregnant again about a month later, lol… because after u have it removed you have to wait a month before you put another one in… that’s how I got pregnant during that time…lol.. Best of luck!

Heather – I also use continuous birth control (ortho cyclen, which is one hormone level for entire month rather than one that has different hormone levels). I only take the placebos to induce a period once a year. Having steady hormones helps me a ton – I flare much worse during periods!

Lisa – I have had the Morena IUD for 18 months, I have adomiosis and my Gyno. Highly recommended it for my heavy periods. Worked great until about 8 months ago. Started having major flare ups every month despite absence of my period. Developed horrible yeast infections and constant vaginal burning and painful intercourse. My rheum Dr. Said to have it removed immediately. My own research led me to several articles linking RA flares to Morena. I suggest you do your own research and talk extensively with both doctors prior to making any decisions. Now I am back to heavy periods and acute flares and getting very upset.

Sara – Use pill continuously but one which does not contribute to raising triglycerides. Some actively cause triglyceride levels to rise

Rachell – Was on Depo for many years. When I was diagnosed with RA/Lupus at the beginning of the year my Rheumy took me off. He said it was not good to be on it as long as I had and it caused extra problems with autoimmune diseases.

Emma – I’m on Depo, can’t use anything else at this point…

Christina – I took Microgestin Fe 1.5/30 for years. It keeps your hormones at one level all month & gives you a little extra iron during the week of your period to help prevent anemia. Always worked great for me. Just had a baby 6 weeks ago, so I’m planning on using it again soon.

Carol – It’s been a while since I needed birth control. At the time, b/c pills were the most reliable option for me. I was accustomed to taking medication at the same time every single day, so I rarely if ever forgot a dose. I wish there was the variety of options available now! Natural planning wasn’t an option for me – my period was never regular. Also, I knew that kid number 2 would be the last one, and had my tubes tied the day after giving birth with no regrets. I remember telling surgeon “I want those tubes cut, tied, AND cauterized. I don’t want any of those little buggers sneaking through!” She laughed.

Anneke – Mirena too. difficult first 2 months, then amazing!

Sarah – I went through hell with different versions of the pill but I eventually got a mirena IUD and I love it. I’m three years in and will definitely getting it replaced in two years because I love the lack of periods (especially having endo and RA)

Carolyn – I have the Mirena too. I’m onto my second now and they are fantastic. But if our lady is just starting out it may not be appropriate. It is usually only used when ladies have finished their families.

Kelly – 33 yrs old and single, on mirena. Love it. On arava so dr so no issue and recommended it because of all the medicine.

Ange – I use the depo needle that works for 3 months, but was not told at the time of tasking it, that it would take years to get out of my system, I have been trying for a baby now for over 2 years, and I’m still faced with issues because the pill needle is still in my system, I recommend staying away from the depo needle is you are ever planning on having children.

Nadine – I had depo once and did not read the fine print warning against use in women with auto immune disease and ended bleeding heavily for 3 months. Just got a mirina and its been great so far

Rebecca – Willenbring Have an implant called implanon. Lasts for 3 years and I love it!!!

MaryColleen – I agree about the Natural method being unwise. If you’re super in tune with your body and at a place in your life where your health, emotions, and finances wouldn’t be negatively impacted by an unplanned pregnancy, then may be an option. With my luck, I’d be like Michelle within a few years.

Laura – Implanon implant is ace – replace it every three years

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The above is a discussion created by a member and with member generated responses from our Facebook community ( put into a format so that the discussion can be archived for future answers needed by others in a searchable format while keeping member anonymity. Member provided information, statements and opinions do not reflect on or all individuals with Autoimmune Arthritis. We encourage all members to seek professional medical advice for any specific questions and concerns as this does not substitute competent medical care.

[Member Discussions and Questions] Rheumatoid Arthritis involvement in Throat / Voicebox area?

December 2, 2013

Niki wrote:

Okay lets talk about RA involvement in throat / voicebox area. Do you deal with this? Yesterday I noticed every time I swallowed, dry or not, that area would snap, pop like one of my joints and pop back. :/ Sexy, I know. What symptoms or issues do you have thanks to Arthur(itis) in this region?

Your input and sharing is greatly appreciated. I tried to be in denial yesterday about it but it didn’t go away.. Wishing you all a wonderful day (((pain-free internet hugs)))

What our members have said so far:

Diane – I’ve never had that personally, but I do have a problem with my jaw sticking and clicking! I have terrible trouble at the dentist getting my mouth open wide enough and terrible pain keeping it open lol

Kristen – My voice has gotten deeper over the last 14+ years. I always feel like my throat is swollen and the pain in my jaw sometimes is so bad I am unable to open my mouth let alone even eat.

Leslie – @diane.. i have the same thing.. dentist told me it is the TMJ.. its your joint …but not from ra

Niki – I know I’ve heard several chicks in past mention jaw surgeries due to RA I’ve been lucky that mine only flare up a little bit. I get a crunching crackle sound when opening jaw when it does.

Becky – Oh yes. When RA is flaring my throat gets really bad. Coughing, swollen, choking. It is sometimes the place that it flares the worst. I have allergies bad and it believe it keeps it irritated and causes real problems. I had no ideal that RA could do this but I got to watching and realized it goes with the flares most of the time.

Cheryl – I currently have Costochondritis, after a 3 week bout with an upper respiratory infection, I started having terrible pain. I was afraid I was getting Pneumonia until I talked to my friend who also has RA!!! She has also had this. The pain is almost too much to bear, but only if I try to move or cough!!! Has anybody else had this?

Rachael- That’s weird didn’t’ know that could happen. I have had a pop in my sternum that past two months or so? I have no idea if it is even related to Arthritis? I’m young and still learning, so it’s hard at times as to tell what is and what isn’t…@ diane I have same problem with my jaw for about a year now, its very annoying! My dentist thinks I’m a baby lol

Lourika – I had such a scare at lunch today. I just took about my first 2 or 3 bites, then it was as if I couldn’t swallow. I still don’t know if the food got stuck or what, but it hurt terribly. I couldn’t even swallow water it just came up back to my mouth and through my nose. I thought I was going to die. Except that I had trouble breathing I was in so much pain. My mom almost took me to ER. I was only better after everyone finished eating and cleaned up. It happened before that I struggled to swallow my food, but this was the first time it was this bad.

Karen – When I was first diagnosed I started sounding like Kathleen Turner. Later a rheumatologist told me that there actually is a small joint that is involved in making a person have a voice. It was one of the things that kept the doctors from figuring out what was really wrong with me. They kept treating me for throat and sinus infections and couldn’t figure out why I kept feeling worse and worse. I heard later too that Kathleen Turner also has RA and I’ve wondered if that is how she got her sexy sounding voice.

Marjo – I used to sing in a choir. My voice got deeper and deeper. And after singing my voice feels “tired”. Don’t know how to explain it differently. I had to stop singing and miss it very much.

Glenna – Sometimes I think my throat just gets tired, I too used to sing and now I croak lol

Elyse – I have R A in both my voice box and my inner ear. Rheumy and ENT worked together on this. It happened about 2009 when my R.A. got worse. No problems since but be aware you have 1 joint in voice box and 3 in your inner ear. With my meds under control i have been fine. Teachers typically have voice box trouble but this was somewhat different. So I was on no talking at all for 6 months! There is not much to do other than prednisone for about 6 months and a whiteboard and notebook. You lean to be quiet after that experience. And you dp not want it because it hurts to have the strobe and nose hose tests. Good luck!

Isabel – I have to have a drink of water before I eat, and drink along with food…but sometimes I still find it difficult to swallow.

Elyse – Oh, and no more singing for me. Classically trained but can’t risk it with R.A. in voicebox.

Lynne – I have had this for three weeks now…something new for me….I have the voice problem but not the pain in swallowing. By the end of the day I have little voice left. What types of meds do any of you take for this? I am already taking Methotrexate and Cimzia shots

Helen – First sign of a flare up for me is a sore throat. I’m also croaky like a smoker every morning.

Cheryl – I should also mention that Costochondritis is inflammation of the ribs….. Did I mention that this is very painful? And yes I have had problems with my voice, jaw and have been having real problems just lately swallowing my larger pills, calcium, multivitamins and omega 3. They just get stuck, I have been dreading taking them!

Rebecca – I have 3 or 4 nodules and 1 cyst in my Thyroid…Makes it too big, I think sometimes it “gets stuck” on something when I swallow

Danielle – I have three nodules around my thyroid that make it hard to swallow. It does hurt sometimes. I had a needle biopsy done and they were non cancerous but need to be removed I also didn’t have this till my RA. Age: 23

Beth – I cough way too much and nothing seems to relieve it

Karen – I have had what the Dr has been calling Vertigo for the last 3 or 4 years. I have extreme dizziness everyday that’s not responding to meds. I have a neurological appt. This month for this. Do you think this is RA? What are the symptoms of inner ear RA?

Toni – Lack of range of motion due to Arthur in my neck.

Toni – I also have nodules in my neck causing a goiter but it has nothing to do with Arthur.

Tracey – I can be croaky & hoarse til I’ve taught a couple of lessons. I try to stick to water til break & have honey instead of sugar occasionally. Doc ignored me when i mentioned throat problems & occasional dry eyes. Reassuring to read I’m not alone.

Melinda – My TMJ disease … is directly caused from RA… That’s what my Rheumatologist said

Melinda – The cartilage in your voice box can be affected by inflammation..just like everything else in our bodies

Mary – I have difficulty swallowing and chokes easily. Sometimes I really have to thank RA for these added extras. I eat slowly, and use a straw for liquids. I use thicker soups usually thickened with instant potatoes too.

Michelle – Yes this happens to especially when it’s meat or bread… I rarely go out to eat because of it

Andi – TMJ. I’ve had it since I was a teenager. RA goes hand in hand with it. I have been on maintenance meds for years – muscle relaxers and anti inflammatory. Anxiety triggers it. You can wear a mouth guard and a dentist can show you some exercises to relax the joint

Sondra – I never put the occasional sore, swollen throat down to the RA! Yes! This happens to me sometimes. I get a crackly voice, have difficulty swallowing, and get a sore throat almost like when I get a bad cold… but not quite. It’ll unpredictably go away in a few hours or a few days (like flares do for me). It just started this year, as did the jaw flares. Thanks Beth Tice, for sharing this on your page. I would have otherwise missed this one and not made the connection.

Sam – I get that clicking in my throat and have difficulty swallowing quite a lot. I suffered very badly with costochondritis in all three of my pregnancies, particularly the last one. I was diagnosed with PsA in September because of awful pain in my hands and feet but I wonder if the throat and rib issues were part of that too?

Karen – My voice gets ‘raspy/hoarse’ which I’m sure is related to RA. Also occasional trouble swallowing +i do eat slower now. @Karen – re: ‘dizziness’- Have u tried Meclazine? It’s OTC ‘travel/motion’ sickness med. Brand name is “Bonine”. Comes in 25 mg chewable tabs (purple) or same dose in yellow pills to swallow w/water. I keep these w me all the time esp helpful w nausea from other RA meds. I chew 1o r2 tabs + dizziness and/nausea is gone (btw- I buy CVS or store brand. Just make sure it’s -ingredient is ‘Meclazine 25 mg per tablet) Hope this is helpful :k:

Stacy – I have nodules on my vocal cords, but my rheumy says they are NOT from RA.

Jenny – I get a croaky/loss of voice which comes back once I have got going in the morning.

Beth – I used to love to sing also but with the way my voice sounds now especially in the mornings it is just not worth it unless I am alone.

Amber – Niki Wyre I’ve had problems, the biggest was with food. I would try to swallow and there was no response, which led to coughing/choking sometimes as the food would just sit part way down. I told my PCP about it, he did a scope of my throat and sent me to an ENT, who did a scope of his own and a barium swallow study. They weren’t sure what was causing it. Sometimes my throat feels tight, usually right at the larynx, and I will feel a popping or clicking when I swallow. As I said yesterday, I didn’t associate it with RA. I will have to bring it up to my rheumy when I see him next. — @Cheryl I’ve had costochondritis more than once. It could very well be due to RA, you have non mobile joints in your ribs, which can become inflamed, like any other joint. I was told to take anti inflammatories…but their suggested dose was lower than my regular dose, and had been taking it 4 x a day while it was happening. x] It hurt to breathe and move, there was a pressure, and nothing helped mine. =/ Or doctor I saw didn’t approach it well, maybe, if there IS something that helps.

Katie – Before my RA was under control I would get croup on a regular basis. Like every couple of months. I just had a flair up just recently and my throat is one of the first places that is affected. It is definitely part of RA but doesn’t effect everyone.

Kelly – YES!!! It does happen to me. I had to quit singing because of it. Until about noon my voice is very husky and I have to keep clearing my throat. Also can’t eat bread or crackers without a gallon if water. Get chocked a lot. Hope u fell better. Prayers and hugs

Jessica – I had these same symptoms along with HUGE glands under my neck. i was diagnosed with hashimoto’s.

Deseree – my voice gets real weak and sometimes I can just barely whisper.

Diane – I have a difficult time swallowing sometimes, it’s like food will get stuck down in my chest area

Cammie – Oh my I have dealt with so many of the same throat/jaw issues as others here. I never knew until RA Warrior posted about the throat having a joint that my throat issues could actually be from the RA. I like so many others here have issues with singing. I used to sing in my church music group, but voice was always getting tired. I couldn’t sing a song without having to cough through it, my voice seemed to get tired easily. Didn’t make sense at first, but now it totally does. My jaw often hurts too. Usually it is only one side at a time. Painful and I don’t talk or eat when this happens. It has helped me shed a few pounds though. Sucky way to lose weight.

Jo Lynn – Me too Dr. says it is acid reflux. I think I need to see an RA Dr. not just my primary.

Diane – those were classic first signs of sjogrens, I had those same symptoms for years and complained to my doctor about it before a rheumy diagnosed it

Rochelle – Yes me too and never occurred to me could be RA. Wow. Told I am at high risk for hashimotos and noddles on thyroid. And had surgery at c4 to c6 with titanium fusion….just thought I had an odd throat/neck

Cheryl – @Ambe, yes after my friend mentioned Costochondritis it made total sense, I have read about it on one of the RA sites before, this disease forces us to think outside of the box sometimes!!! My primary Dr. at first prescribed Prometazine w/Codeine to help quiet my cough. After about 4 days I stopped that because the pain was worse than the cough and while taking it, I could not take anything else for the pain, now am taking Lortab which is helping more, the pain is still there but I can handle it a little bit better now.

Jeni – My throat feels sore. Not raw sore, but like pulled muscle sore. It comes/goes just like a flare.

Linda – I too vote for Sjogren’s. It’s quite common with RA. There are meds to help produce saliva – evoxac & salagens(?). My 2nd vote is TMJ- not sure if it runs with RA but I have it too.

Lisa – I have had these exact symptoms come and go lately, I had no idea it could be related to my RA, thought it was a lingering virus or neck strain. How worried should I be?

Cheryl – @Diane Lee Jordan, yes I also have Sjogren’s as a secondary. I tend to blame everything on RA since that is my primary, sometimes I think I can only deal with one illness!!! I really do need to educate myself more on Sjogren’s!!! And yes I also have thyroid nodules for over 30 years and have had more ultrasound guided needle biopsies than I care to remember!!! I have 7 nodules that are calcified, so the needles were not fun.

Patrice – Yep, my voice gets so rough I sound like an old blue’s guy. lol Sometimes I lose it completely.Those times are rare.

Patricia – I have TMJ and often I feel as though whatever I swallowed last is stuck.

Sara – I’ve definitely developed acid reflux from the meds. Doc put me on tecta for the reflux. The symptoms were severe coughing. Once I started the meds, the symptoms poofed.

Beth – I feel like I am swallowing a lump sometimes. very annoying. and the acid reflux can be bad.

Beth – I get a sore, dry-feeling throat just before I have a bad flare. Kinda thought the two may be related.

Debbie – Have been hoarse going on six months. Have seen several different doctors, my left vocal cord is paralyzed but they do not think it has anything to do with ra. So exhausting to struggle to talk, but only at times, some days harder than others. We take our voices for granted. Thanks for the earlier posts on this subject, gave me information to talk to the doctors about.

Cammie – Forgot to mention that it also hurts to swallow. All this weekend I have struggling with this.

Amanda – I get inflammation in my salivary glands. It feels kinda like strep without the fever. Makes it difficult to swallow…then eventually I pass the salivary stones through the gland under my tongue. All from RA.

Jojo – Hello, this was my first symptom, was in my throat..for months I couldn’t seem to get my throat clear, like there was something there and it wouldn’t leave, i go around all the time clearing my throat but it doesn’t help but this is instinct so i do it all the time..annoying to say the least and sometimes it is really bad…i use nasocort and it has steroids in it and that does help….r.a. causes nodules on the voice cords, and my voice has changed as well….and yes my throat pops to, you prob have a nodule…you’ll have to go to Dr and let them do the light in the throat thing…they can be removed but it is a surgical thing of course…i am choosing to keep mine for now…i don’t need any other surgeries unless it is an emergency…good luck and try some nasocort or fluticisone…it helps a lot….and hot choc helps and hot lattes lol..really…

Stephanie – I have idiopathic sub-glottic stenosis and have had to have my trachea dilated 5 times since 2004. They are starting to wonder if there is a link with my RA. My airway basically, gets inflamed and I have trouble breathing. It is horrible.

Jojo – and Amanda those stones your calling are normal for obviously still have your tonsils or you prob would not be having these..they are called sinus scabs…nothing to worry about…other than they stink and come out at the worst time….don’t worry …and nothing i know of helps them go away….I’m not a Dr but i play one on TV lol…no i have these to and that s what Dr told me….

Stephanie – The mechanism that powers your voice contains cartilage and moving parts and therefore can be affected by RA. I’m in the middle of the worst bout of laryngitis I’ve ever had, but thanks to a sinus infection and bronchitis. I’m a music teacher and therefore have to be careful with my voice. I’m not a singer but I do sin quite a bit. Anyway, practicing good vocal health never hurt anyone. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, which can dry the throat. Same for smoking, obviously. If you find you’re having trouble with chemical reactions (air fresheners and the like), try adding some lemon juice to water or tea and drinking it regularly. The acid gets rid of that stuff and increases saliva production. Don’t whisper or shout more than you absolutely have to. Both of these things put strain on the vocal folds (vocal cords). And if you keep having problems, see an ENT.

Stephanie – Oh….and stay hydrated! Singers use the phrase “pee clear sing clear!” Water like its going out of style.

Dianne – I have issues but know better than to talk to my rheumy about it. It is uncomfortable for me to sing and I have extremely dry throat and mouth. And weirdness with swallowing – sometimes it feels like my body has forgotten how to swallow for a minute, Also, music of any loudness hurts my ears after awhile. The added blessing of not being able to stand up for more than five minutes at time without pain and more pain later…..I have also had to drop out of two choirs. It stinks.

Michelle – The larynx has a small joint, for some of us this, like any other joint, can be involved in a flare. Mine has actually preceded flares; my voice starts cracking and I can’t talk for long stretches. Anything that involves tonsil swelling or gland swelling n the throat is related to infection. Dryness is not uncommon in this constellation of autoimmune diseases, mention it to the doctor.

Diana – My voice started getting raspy when my joint symptoms appeared 8 years ago. I dismissed it at first as part of RA but after a visit with an ENT doc I’m almost certain it’s connected. Plus I noticed when I was pregnant with my daughter and not on my meds my voice got much worse, but when I’m doing well and in remission my voice is better although not totally normal.

Jenny – I was dx with moderate-severe RA in 2008. This past summer I had a double-ear infection and viral. My cough hung on the most, lasted for months. My voice eventually remained raspy (called myself Marge Simpson lol) constantly, my voice would crack and s…See More

Deb – Throat problems and hoarse voice common with RA.

JasonandMegan – My voice gets raspy, like i have laryngitis…

Sue – All your comments are very interesting and answer a lot of questions. Anybody have problems with snoring?

Becky – OMG I am so glad I am not the only person with this issue. My throat has been clicking/popping for about 2 weeks now and nothing I do helps. When I touch the area and move it around I can feel the joint that’s doing it. I’m actually worried to find out what’s wrong and have been avoiding calling the doctor about it. I am about to flare, I can tell so I think its just part of the inflammation process.

Brooke – My voice has been effected for years! I had no idea it could be my RA. I used to have a very petite cute voice and now it’s deeper and raspy. It’s driven me crazy! Now I Know it could be my RA. I’ll have to ask my Rheumy. Thanks Arthur! Just one more thing

Kathleen – I thought I was crazy when this happened to me. I click and pop in all sorts of strange places.

Stephanie – I lost my voice permanently for 5 yrs and even now still lose it for a part of each day. (I’m the gal featured in RA Warriors series). I have permanent damage to the joint. Trouble swallowing and choking too.

Tandra – I’m not alone, dealing with a little of everything and wishing it all would just go away! My thoughts and Prayers to everyone

Trish – Yep I was diagnosed with sjogrens 3 yrs ago. If I talk for more than 15 min, my voice gets very hoarse. Many times I have lost my voice completely. Another fun thing, my mouth and throat get so dry, I cant form words. I keep a small hard candy in my mouth pretty much all of the time to keep my mouth and throat moist. My eyes are so dry that I developed blisters on my cornea that burst and caused scarring. I now have prescription drops that go in my eyes 6 times a day. My skin has become so dry that no amount or brand of moisturizer has helped. I hate Sjogrens but not as much as RAD!

Ruth – not my voice box per se, but my neck makes crackly noises like thick cellophane crumpled up when I turn my head or look up/down. not always but most times.

Carly – My voice will cut in and out for no apparent reason, it’s ridiculously hard to swallow sometimes and I choke when I’m breathing and eating too easily for my liking, plus my lymph nodes are swollen quite frequently.

Nancy – Thought it was just me!! Difficulty swallowing on left side

MaryColleen – Ugh every morning I cough up a hairball and there’s nothing there and on occasion, feel like I’m being choked. Not fun!

Amy – I’ve had voice/throat involvement for years. I will suddenly start coughing for no apparent reason. Often so bad that I actually start to see spots from coughing so hard. My mouth and throat often get to feeling dry My voice gets hoarse often. Sometimes I have trouble speaking…it’s like I have to force the words out. I have had some more frequent battles with trouble speaking so I talked to my Rheumy about a month ago. He confirmed that the RA can go after the bones/joints in your throat/voice box. Just one of the many ways this horrible disease attacks us.

Susie – I used to sing quite well…once I got RA, I sounded like a choir boy going through puberty…sometimes just fine, and in the middle of the song, my voice would crack and jump all over. One rheumatologist looked at me like I was crazy and said it couldn’t have been RA related. Another said that is wasn’t one of the most common manifestations of RA but it WAS related to RA….it hasn’t gotten worse or better in 26 years.

Annie – I have a severe sore throat every time I flare, hurts to swallow even water! Told the Rheum. about it but he didn’t seem to even acknowledge it oh well at first I thought it was just a coincidence but not anymore

Kelly – When I’ve overdone it and the major flare is coming on, my voice gets deeper and scratchy.

Maria – Ladies-choking or coughing at night or as you wake up indicates acid reflux. I always take a Prilosec before bed. I also have Sjogrens which is rearing its ugly head suddenly on my eye and throat. Biotene products help, but drinking water is better…my singing has been harder to hit those notes and my throat is dry.

Diane – Was on Prednisone since 2010, was choking & lost 30 pounds .

Zuleiga – This is quit interesting as i have experiencing this problem an couldn’t really figure it out! The swelling in the neck an through is the worst! Sometimes feels like I’m looking at someone else in the mirror

Lori – I was just diagnosed w/hyperparathyroidism by my rheumy , due 2 throat issues + it can affect your bones just like R.A. + cause O.A. also. I know that it is possible 2 get bone spurs in the throat as well that can affect talking + swallowing.

Kim – Ok this all makes so much sense. Diagnosed w RA in 2000. I am constantly clearing my throat, or I start choking for no reason and EVERYTHING is so loud my ears hurt. I’ve started wearing ear plugs to watch TV w my husband because if he turns the volume down to the point I’m comfortable, he can’t hear a thing. When I’m alone I barely have any volume on at all. Thanks to all of you. I’m not going to mention it to my rheumy because I think he’s bored with me. He doesn’t listen to me at all it seems and just says everything is part of RA.

Linda – I have a real problem with this. Sometimes I get so horse, I can’t talk. Dry & hurts. Lots of trouble swallowing food too. Danger of choking.

Missy – I haven’t had throat problems yet due to my RA but my neck & jaw are very affected & I have a really hard time sitting still for the dentist for a regular examination but she’s very patient with me & let’s me move my neck around a bit & open & close my jaw whenever I have to. When you can only open your mouth due to your jaw restriction – 2 finger widths it does make it difficult sometimes to eat certain food & other things…..

Megan – I’ve had a problem with swallowing for many years. In the past, RA used to make my face muscles really stiff–the muscles around my mouth. My problems with swallowing may be due to my thyroid gland, I’m not sure. My sister has the same problem and she has scleroderma. I have mixed connective tissue disease, and that’s known for causing swallowing problems as well.

Courtney – Voice sounds hoarse most of the time now and sometimes it will crack like Peter Brady’s. No problems swallowing yet.

Kimberly – Facial inflammation is usually after I’ve been flaring steady for a few days. When it progresses, I get jaw and throat at nearly the same time. Typically, that makes it difficult to get food into my mouth and also keeping it down because of choking hazards. Liquids are safer for me at this time. Pudding. The cacophony of clicks and rattles and pops are what really draw attention though. a one woman band…

Karen – I have that problem along with a strange choking that’s new. Never connected it with RA. I get severe jaw pain right in the joint itself that I thought was from RA but neuro told me it was something connected with my neuropathy but I don’t remember what its called

Jo – Diana as you know I have sjogrens also. I have been on restasis for my eyes for over ten years. It really helps. You also know my throat is always try and I sometimes can’t finish a sentence without getting a swallow of water before I choke. Recently I can hardly swallow and it is really painful so as you know I am having this checked out this week via a scope. I also have had reflux problems since I was a late teen over 30 years ago. I have been diagnosed with RA and then not as you know. The popping I have had for years and thought it was tmj. I just wanted to let you know that I think all the sjogrens, RA, reflux, or whatever causes it is all miserable and I pray for you and all of us that suffer these horrible symptoms every day.

Carol – That RA affects the throat is something I never realized until talking to people on this page! Now I know why, when my chakras are tested, why my throat chakra is always weak or closed. I love to sing but my vocal stamina is not very good, especially for some reason, with German Baroque composers! They wipe me out every time. I get laryngitis at the drop of a hat, and virtually every time I get a cold, the only way to preserve my voice is to go as silent as possible until the cold is over. I also get the “clicking” sometimes when I swallow. Due to lifelong RA my lower jaw is undersized, which has led to sleep apnea. Plus, when I go to the dentist, when I have to open really size so they can get to my back teeth, I literally cannot breathe, nor can I keep water from running down my throat. It’s annoying as hell.

Lisa – I’ve had hoarseness on and off since 2005. I lost my voice my entire pregnancy with my 2nd daughter. Since then it comes and goes. I started allergy shots and Acid Reflux medication since the doctors thought one of these was the culprit. The hoarseness has cleared up. But starting in July I had trouble eating. I went in for a scope and a throat dilation. Now here I am 5 months later back with the same eating issues. Food gets stuck in my throat and will not go down. Even water is slow going down. Going under for another scope this time. Hopefully they will have some answers.

Kaitlyn – I have to have my tonsils removed on Friday sue to my issues in this area and the arthritis.

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Medication Cost and Copay Assistance Programs for Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

Medication Cost and Copay Assistance Programs for Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

Medication Cost and Copay Assistance Programs for Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis can be costly enough with small co-pays but many patients have have to deal with large co-pays on their insurance plan or no insurance at all. To make it easier for those in our community looking for assistance for their treatments, here is a great list of the resources available currently.

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Here are some foundations that help with prescription or co pay costs for medications:

Amgen Assist

The Assistance Fund
Chronic Disease Fund
Healthwell Foundation
Lilly TruAssist (Cymbalta and other Lilly medications)
Needy Meds
Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPARX)
Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation
Patient Advocate Foundation
Patient Services Incorporated
Pfizer Helpful Answers® (Lyrica and other Pfizer medications)
Together Rx Access®

Don’t forget to try the manufacturer’s website or contacting them for the medication you are needing assistance paying for directly. Most pharmaceutical companies today have existing assistance programs in place (particularly for high cost biologic treatments).

Here are some of the assistance programs for biologics currently available listed in alphabetic order by medication:

Actemra Support Resources
Genentech Rheumatology Co-pay Card Program (Rituxan and Actemra)
The Genentech® Access to Care Foundation (GATCF) (Actemra)

CIMplicity (Cimzia)
Cimzia Support Program

Enbrel Support Card Program
Encourage Foundation (Enbrel)

HUMIRA Protection Plan
AbbVie Patient Assistance Foundation (HUMIRA)

The KineretKare™ Program (Kineret)
Safety Net Foundation for Kineret

THE CIRCLE® Patient Support Services (Orencia)

Co-pay Support With RemiStart® (Remicade)
Remistart (Remicade)
Janssen Prescription Assistance (Remicade)

Genentech Rheumatology Access Solutions© (Rituxan)
Genentech Rheumatology Co-pay Card Program (Rituxan and Actemra)

SimponiOne® Cost Support
Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation (Simponi)

Xeljanz Co-Pay Savings Card

Note*** each of the above programs has different qualifications that you must fall under for approval. A lot work off of donations that go into funds for different illnesses, and those funds may get low as the year progresses. Some have income restrictions, some wont work for Medicare/Medicaid recipients, etc.

Looking for more help? Don’t forget to check out these things:

State/county programs: Your local county or state may have medication or medical treatment available for little to no cost for those that qualify. There are also many free clinics or university hospitals that will work with those with no insurance. Hospitals often have charity funds as well.
Pharmacy discount cards: Whether you grab one at your local pharmacy or online, these little cards can really save money if you are uninsured or have very high copays.
Your rheumatologist office: Just ask. Many rheumatology practices have their own billing person or someone in the office work on finding assistance for their patients. It doesn’t hurt to ask!! Just be honest about your situation. They may even offer you discounted patient rate at their clinic or work on a payment plan so you can receive treatment or care with them.

I hope this list helps you find the assistance you require. Sending you all love and (((pain-free internet hugs)))

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