[Member Discussions and Questions] Recent Raise in Price in Methotrexate Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

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June 26, 2013

One of our Chicks is wondering if anyone else has experienced a large increase in the price of their medications?  Her Methotrexate prescription is now 2.5 times the price she paid before. Ouch.

As always your input is greatly appreciated in helping answer the questions from your fellow members.

Thank you in advance for your input and sharing your experiences to help answer this members question. (((pain-free internet hugs)))

What our members have said so far:

Ali – The HUMIRA Protection Plan covers Humira and Methotrexate so I only pay $5 a month for both. In may my insurance paid $0 and billed the Humira Protection Plan $13.21 and Billed me $0 (already paid $5 for Humira) for 3 months of MTX injections at .4 ml per week of 25 mg/ml through express scripts. CVS had been charging $8-30 for same dose.

Debbie – for me in Canada it free too

Jackie – My mtx went up $60.00 at Walmart, I also don’t have insurance but I shopped around and found it at publix’s for $24.00 I take 6 a week.

Phyllis – My MTX is pretty much the same now that they got it back in stock, but I have heard that I could see an increase due to shortages.

Ali – The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists reports that 3 major manufacturers of the MTX pill all say they are back-ordered till late July and no word on when the inj shortage will end for 2 manufactures. Note if you take the pill form and the Dr. writes the Rx for Rheumatrex (brand name) instead of MTX it may cost $200 more per month.

Jan – ouch !!! In Scotland medication is still free Thank goodness xxx

Caryl – Everyone should go to and look up their medications. There are lots of programs to help those of us who can’t afford the medications we need. It is worth the time and effort to check it out.

Barb – I am uninsured. I was getting methotrexate injections at the clinic for $8 a week. Then the clinic raised the price to $89 a week and there was no way I could afford it. I went back to methotrexate pills and even with the pharmacy uninsured patient discount, was paying $105 for 4 weeks’ supply, and the pills were not as effective as the injection so I had increased pain and disease activity. My rheumy then agreed that I could self-inject at home and my discount price at the pharmacy is now $26 for 10 weeks’s supply.

Kat – I inject my methotrexate now instead of pill form. It’s cheaper and easier on the stomach.
Michelle – That’s fantastic and inspirational to hear Amanda Bentley . I am so glad it is working for you . I have tried that road, and not only did I lose too much weight, I did suffer irreversible joint damage in the process. For me now, it’s about balance . I try to mostly eat vegies and fruits, nuts, seeds, occasional rice . ( an alkaline diet) but its hard at times . My mindset has changed & it’s hard for me to stay vigilant like I use to ….. Good luck . I wish you all the best .

Liz – I got approved for the patient assistance foundation so I can receive my Humira for free because I cannot afford it even with coverage

Christiana – I get mine through the Patient Assistance Program. I can’t afford it and I technically have no insurance, so the company that makes my meds gives it to me for free. Contact the company directly and see if you qualify.

Cheryl – our co-pays are all that’s saving us.

Angela – It’s your insurance and where you go. I pay $ 5 monthly for mine at Costco.

Judy – I don’t know if this has been posted but getting ready for The Affordable Healthcare Act could be cause.

Irene – I just went to see my rheumy on Monday and he said there is a shortage on methotrexate for arthritis because it is being more widely used for cancer patients as a chemo drug….

Deb – There is a methotrexate shortage, thus the price increase. If you Google “methotrexate price increase 2013” there are many articles and blogs about it.

Alicia – Depends on your insurance. My new insurance: cheaper.

Jamie – I have ra and I also take mtx I do not have insurance and over the last few months i have noticed an increase in the price for a month supply it cost me around $175 I am a single mother and cant afford it anymore but it has worked very well for me does anyone know what to do who to ask to help cover the cost?

Eva – My Rituxan infusions cost $26,000 per year = 2 infusions every 6 months… Right now Medicare Part B is paying for it but has just denied me as of this week for some crazy reason. Me and the doctor’s office are appealing it. It is done in the drs office and administered by the Physician Assistant. It works the best. The best relief ever!!!!

Jennie – So sorry that so many of you have the stress of trying to find your essential meds at cheaper prices. My metho would be £500 (about $650) per month if I had to pay for it. I live in England, so that’s one thing the government hasn’t cocked up for us. Yet.

Jeannette – Not here in FLORIDA Wpb

Rebel – my methotrexate injections for a month are only $10 and I have no insurance, not too bad.

Donna – No my insurance covers it completely

Lori – My monthly infusion of orencia is $8800/mth of which my insurance only covers 80% until a $5000 deductible is met….which means I’ve been paying $1300 out of pocket for the 1st 4 mths of each year. Now that is met, my cost is $240 mth. Every month I think to myself… I feel well enough to justify the cost of this med??

Jan – We know who to thank for the price increase.

Mandy – Amen ^^^

Amy – Compare pharmacies. I had to get a Rx filled for my dog. CVS wanted $240+. I called my vet to ask for something cheaper & she suggested calling an independent pharmacy. She was right. Same drug, same dosage at the indie pharm was $30. No kidding.

Stéphanié – Cvs caremark has humira $5 an injection

Ellen – depending on the pharmacy and the insurance. I almost fell over when I got the Humira in the mail and saw the price of that, $2, 888.00 for two injections and I have to take two a month for life. wth….

Marsha – I have been doc free and pain free since 1990. Drugs kill the body.

Sherri – I noticed the price of Metho went up too. Was it due to the injectable shortage??

Dawn – I work in a pharmacy and it went on back order for awhile and when it came back it went up dramatically! We have to pay a lot more for it at the pharmacy level. are you on injections or tablets? if you private message me you dose and state you live in I can check my work and see if we can get it cheaper.

Kathleen – Yes mine doubled in price.

Delois – I called my insurance co. They said their price went from $12 per however they order it to $35 in June.

Michele – I’m having problems with getting my other meds….bp meds and migraine pills….remicade and mtx I have no problems getting right now

Charlene – yes

Donna – A few months ago, I read that there was a shortage of MTX. Perhaps that could be the reason for the increased price. Just a thought.

Renee – I had to stop taking it because my hair would come out by the handfuls when I’d take a shower. Wonder why such a large increase in price?

Marlene – Mine use to be around seven eight dollars and then it went to $24 and then just the last 2 months it increased a $45 a month and I’m on the methotrexate the pills

Vee – Every year there is a MTX emergency. I went from injection to pill nine years ago when there was a ‘shortage’. I started the pill but ended up on Remicaid once the MTX failed me. Search for other suppliers and research with your doctor alternatives.

Bodil – I see Canadians…how come its free for some, ..I live in Canada and pay into medical..and still very expensive…plus all the rest…

Kim – ask her I’d she changed pharmacies. II didn’t know the prices are different at each place. also did her insurance change? but for methotrexate my price is like $5 so it shouldn’t be that expensive

Rhoda – I have never paid more then $17. For my methotrexate.
Wendy – I used to pay about $32 for 35 qty of methotrexate now they went up to $89 for the same quantity yikes!

Lori – On a good note….my monthly injections of methotrexate is only $7.35

Regina – No increase on my Methotrexate

Lori – My methotrexate more than doubled in price.

Sherri – Really I went to one pharmacy that wanted almost $1500 for Entocort. I would up getting the generic for $25.

Mandy – seems to be cheapest here in Montana, that is with no insurance.

Stéphanié – And they deliver it on dry ice, free sharp container & alcohol swabs

Tammy – I get my Methotrexate at Walmart, 2 months ago the price went up by $30.00 and the following month went back down to normal. I wonder what kind of surprise will be in store for me in July. This is nuts.

Stéphanié – Did the dose go up? My mom just stopped taking methotrexate because it gave her a fatty liver

Deb – That same thing happened to me. My Humira went from $50 for a 90 day supply to $250. I talked with my insurance company and found out that the drug company offers a subsidy. I’m now paying less than $25 for the same amount. Call them and see if they can help.

Carolyn – Yes, I noticed it had gone up! Grrr

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