[Member Discussions and Questions] What Vitamins and Supplements do you take for your regime?

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January 4, 2013

One of our Chicks wants some feedback on vitamins and supplements in your regime.

She asks:

What vitamins and supplements do you take a regular basis? Which ones would you recommend other Rheumatoid Arthritis (or other forms of Autoimmune Arthritis) patients use?

Thanks in advance for your help in answering her questions (((pain-free internet hugs))) Wishing you all a wonderful day!

What our members have said so far:

Kim – I take a vitamin C (for my immune system)and multi-vitamin every day….and my rheumatologist approves

Clare – vitamin C and B12 to help immune system as recommended by my pharmacist

Stephanie – Mangosteen juice, fish oil, vitamin D, chia seeds, b-complex, and adrenal stress end

Jocelyn – I take a multivitamin, calcium and fish oil. All approved by my rheumy. The fish oil especially helps with the RA – minimizes inflammation.

Gretchen – Vitamin D, Magnesium, B 12, Tumeric, good multivitamin, fish oil, and probiotics (the refrigerated kind)

Mel – B~12

Tina – I don’t take then I’m a big believer in I get enough throw what I eat in the day. Because are body get rid of what e don’t need. That’s me but if you take then that’s your choose.

Kim – vitamin D, B-12, fish oil, pro biotic, multi, magnesium, evening primrose, boswella

Carol – Move Free, Tumeric, Bromalain, silver water and gold water.

Eva – Fish oil (it is also good for your heart), probiotics, Vit D, calcium, digestive enzymes (helps with digestion) and a good multivitamin ( I take a liquid one which also has a lot of minerals and antioxidants in it). Fish oil is a natural anti-inflammatory. There was some studies done with high doses of fish oil that helped RA patients. Research it online. My RA doctor approved of me taking it.

Lisa – I have gone completely off of biologics almost a year ago & have switched to all vitamins & herbs. I feel the best I have felt in a very long time. With that said, I take Vitamin’s C, B-12,D, Magnesium, Tumeric, Fish Oil, An herb called Devils Root & one called Boswellia. Seems like alot but I take certain one’s in the am,,, and the rest in teh afternoon. I am pain free most days except for flares, and for those I go to the doctors to get a steroid shot. Different things work for different people,,,,, you just need to find what will work for you

Penny – Multivitamin, fish oil, vit D3, fiber, calcium + D.

Guyla – vitamin D3, Vitamin K (if you have problems with hair, nails, skin), Vitamin B-12. Supplement these with coffee (just to wake up with)

Heather – Vit D, multi-vitamin. Fish oil, digestive enzymes/probiotics, turmeric. Am on no medication and am in remission, psi free most of the time, provided I rest when tired or stressed. Everyone is different. Love & blessings from London UK

Beth – I’m on an all vitamin/diet TX now after a nasty spell with mtx . I take a calcium-d3 supplement, omega 3, multi vitamin, b12. They’re strategically placed throughout my day for the best results.

Carol – I’m afraid I’m not very consistent about taking my supplements, but I do try to take calcium with D, flax or fish oil (depending on what’s on sale), a multivitamin, and folic acid. Milk thistle and vitaminshoppe’s Green Phyters are a couple others I try to get in.

Cynical – Black cherry concentrate capsules. Cut inflammation, cut pain and stiffness. Recommended by my chiropractor.

Sabine – I have folic acid, fit, d3, vit c and a multi vitamin E (the first two were prescribed by my rheumatologist)

Rebel – where do you get Black Cherry capsules, Cynical? Health store?

Rebel – Do any of you take Celebrex Rx and it causes indigestion or stomach burn, not heart burn? Any suggestions? I drank some Ginger Ale to see if it helps. Does fish oil caps bother any of you?

Melissa – Women’s multi-vitamin, Vitamin D3 and Flax-seed oil…

Cyn – D 2000 IU, Magnesium 500 mg, Multivitamin, Calcium citrate 1200 mg, Omega 3 (from fish oil) 1000 mg, folic acid. If you take Vitamin C, it boosts your immune system, which sounds good. However, your immune system is what you are trying to suppress with biologics and DMARDS. My doctor does not recommend C or any supplements for immune boosting.

Cyn – I also have used Chia seed for the Omega 3s instead of fish oil. No burps.

Cindy – I take Protandim every day.

Jenelle – I have been Med free and maintained for 6 years with this: Multi (bluebonnet multriNutrient), Milk Thistle 200 mg, Grape Seed Extract 100 mg, Sunflower Lecithin 1200 mg. all once daily mid morning, Calcium Citrate/D3/Magnesium combo at night. Barleans Omega oil (in single packs or bottle smoothie taste better) weekly (should do daily..). Good luck! I can’t do nitrates either, flares.

Cindy – Along with folic acid, magnesium, calcium, prednisone, T-3 for thyroid , levothyroxene, hydrocodone, SULINDAC, trazadone, omeprazole, citroprolam —-all daily. and methotrexate injection once a week

Svetlana – Those of you that mentioned probiotics, would you share why you take them and which ones specifically? Thank you

Svetlana – @Danielle how much of folic do you take and what kind? For indigestion I drink Ginger tea and sometimes Ginger beer/brew that I by at the health store.

Toni – I take a complete multiple VIT, doesn’t have to be a brand name. A folic acid everyday is essential if you take MTX, B-12 sub lingual and calcium. If you’ve been on steroids….take your calcium! I see a nutritionist as well and this is what they’ve recommended for me…

Feathers – daily: calcium, vitamin D, folic acid, Omeprazol, Prednisolone. MTX once a week

Vickie – I take GingaMax, (made from Ginga mushrooms, ordered thru Amazon, along with the D, raw multi, calcium citrate. They have made an amazing difference!

Kaye – Melatonin, turmeric, omega 3,6,9,; biotin, d3, and as much fresh fruits and veggies as I can afford at the time! Meds are spironolactone (PCOS) cymbalta, tramadol, tizanidine and actemra.

Miki – I drink Shakeology, which has pretty much everything noted above. I add D3 and Krill Oil. As for meds, I’m on prednisone, folic, and MTX. Doc is backing me off prednisone (yay). Aside from fighter’s knuckles, I haven’t had a flare in months. I’m hoping continuing to clean up my diet will keep things moving in a positive direction!

Dana -Taurine has been almost a wonder in helping my neuropathy.

Cindy – @ Cyn honey we aren’t trying to suppress are immune systems with meds, it’s occurring because of them and we need to do what we can to boost it. Some doctors prefer healthy eating alone wil do the job. Others believe that adding supplements will help. Either way it’s up to the individual. By the way I take a Multi, calcium w/D, and Fish oil all recommended by my Gp and Rheumy. my cardiac surgeon recommends the Fish oil too.. Also my Rheumy prescribed Folic acid when I was on Mtx but when I came of it he kept me on the folic acid. He recently recommended magnesium and said it has shown to decrease joint pain. So hey who wouldn’t want to try anything to decrease pain!

Marcy – I take Mega Red Krill Oil (better than regular fish oil), coconut oil, probiotics, calcium, vitamin C, resveratol, magnesium, & potassium. I know it sounds like alot but I get a good deal on the Vitamin Store.

Anita – I take probiotic, D, E, Bcomples, and omega 3-6-9

Kelly – Calcium/magnesium/zinc combo, AvinoCort- 100mg Oligopeptide Complex 2x daily
Vitamin C 1,000 mg 1 x to 3 x daily
Undenatured collagen 40 mg bedtime
Holy Basil 500 mg 2 x daily or 4 Life Extension Adrenal Energy Formula 1x daily
L theanine 200-800 mgs daily
Life Extension Super Bio Curcumin 1 x daily
Carnosine 500 mgs 2 x daily
Flexamin triple strength w/ MSM, Univestin & vitamin D 2000 iu
Green Vibrance powder 2 x daily in OJ

MaryColleen – Tart cherry juice. It’s a syrup that tastes like cherry pie filling and drinking a shot a day has helped pain. I took osteo bi-flex for a few months, but didn’t notice much of a difference. Maybe it takes a lot longer to work?

Gayle – I take a multivitamin, vitamin C, fish oil everyday. My rheumy also suggested calcium but after looking at my diet I believe that I get enough-I LOVE dairy products!

Heather – The most important ones are: prenatal vitamins (best vitamins u can take) and my doc prescribes folic acid and says that it helps your body deal with the mix better. Before I took the prenatal vitamins I took calcium and vitamin D. D helps your body absorb the calcium. Also, I just found out that red clover herbal tea is a natural diuretic. It’s caffeine free also. I like putting a bag of red clover and a bag of honey vanilla chamomile tea to make a hot cup of tea to relax with at night

Angela – I see some of you take omega 3-6-9. Is this recommended? I’m confused! I read some where else with should not take omega 6.

Tammy – Got yelled at by my PA for not taking folic acid with Methotrexate use. Apparently this is critical. Otherwise, glucosamine/chondroitin helps with my stiffness.

Suzanne – I take folic acid, and vitamin d3.

Augusta – I take vitamin C and D3

Gretchen – For the probiotics, I use one called floragen (can get it at Walmart, but it is refrigerated behind the pharmacy counter) or one by Vita-Life, again refrigerated. Bit of a pain to remember to take, as it is in the fridge, but they seem to work better than the ones you just grab from the vitamin aisle. Going to these finally cleared up a recurring yeast infection that I had been fighting for years.

Debi – I take Omega 3, Evening Primrose Oil, Cod LiverOil capsules, flax seed oil capsules, folic acid pills, vitamin D. I find that the quality of the Omega 3 works better and I use a product from HSN by Andrew Lessman. These all seem to make my RA better. It is a pain to take all of this but I feel better when I take them. Hope this helps.

Danielle – I take folic acid and vitamin D3 everyday.

Tara – Vitamin D is a MUST for RA patients as we don’t absorb it like non RAers. You doctor should be checking your levels and letting you know how much to take. Also, if you’re on Methotrexate, Folic Acid should be prescribed along side it at a prescription dose.

Amanda – From the DR — Folic Acid and Vitamin D (3 times a day) — And from me — Geratol vitamin pills, mega dose B 12, and DHEA. — I also use probiotics and eat lot’s of healthy Probiotic yogurt because the pain meds keep me “stuffed up” Probiotics keep “me” going without a different medication — ALSO I did hear that TART Cherry Juice is good for you, and I do have some, but I don’t take it like I should. — I am getting ready to add in MILK THISTLE for my liver. — I try to use turmeric powder when cooking. — OH Yea, I also try to use as much garlic powder and chili powder is as many foods as I can.  vitamin – folic acid, calcium/vitamin d 1200’s which has a 1000 mg of d in it, 2 x vitamin d 1000’s on top of that, b 100’s, vitamins for women 50+, zinc 50 mg, i drink fresh ginger root tea, sometimes i make ginger syrup and put it in club soda for a change, i eat aloe daily (we grow it in trinidad) sometimes i drink fever grass tea, eat a fresh from the garden pineapple (including the core). i have no issues any more with pain or bloating and i’m on mtx and celebrex and have been weaning myself off of prednisone and i’m down to 1 mg every other day.

Tamera – i use a product called medi clear. it is dairy and soy free and has vitamins, minerals and protein.

Alicea – Vitamin D, cherry powder, ginger powder and what Mariska said

Sheena – To add to this list: ginseng. Omg! That gets my energy levels up and my blood flowing which is always good, especially during the winter.

Cheryl – I don’t think there is a “cure all” for anything and that is what some of these so-called vitamin/mineral products practically claim. I have thyroid problems and take a prescription drug for it, so I have to be careful not to take anything that includes iodine. All of my physicians have told me to take a multi-vitamin, so I take One-A-Day Women…no iodine. Chewable Flintstones with Iron don’t have iodine, either. I also take a prescription Vitamin D. Have your doctor check these the next time you go and you can make better choices. I still steer clear of herbs and “things” of unknown origin! lol I take too much medication to mess it up with over-the-counter things.

Nilsa – Maybe you can check out juiceplus

Rhoda – ashawagonda for energy, milk thistle and vitamin e for the liver, calcium, and fish oil x 6. and then a good multi vitamin. and I made sure I got an OK for doc first.

Robin – Don’t forget B 12, be SURE it is Methylcobalamin or you are just buying junk.

Cynde – Yes Rebel, Celebrex was hard on my stomach. I quit taking it. I take Nexium now because my other meds make my stomach burn.

Annette – B-Complex, Calcium with vitamin D

Diane – multi, iron, vitamin D/calcium

Dana – V3 – an all natural supplement that I found and now sell. It has Vitamin B/B6, green tea, cinnamon, etc. in it – a good mix of supplements that fight fatigue, inflammation, pain.

Connie – I was told by my doctor that it’s important to take folic acid daily except for the day I take methotrexate (which I take once a week). I also take fish oil, calcium with D3 and multiple vitamin.

Eva – In my opinion, I stay away from the Centrum ones as they make me feel sickish. I buy a plain multi vit with minerals at the health store. It does not have any herbs and all that crap in it that I am allergic to. The doc recommended biotin so my nails grow back/ The Rheumy has me take Vit D 50,000 mg once a week for 2 months. Also folic acid is important and helps depression. Flax seed oil caps are good for your heart, joints, and depression and your skin. Good luck

Karen – At Cindy , I believe that we are NOT trying to boost our immune system. But our immune system is overactive and the meds help to suppress our immune system So that our joints do not get as distorted,

Beth – Vitamin D 2000 IU and calcium. Check potassium levels too.

Geraldine – I have been taking marine fish oil (1,000 mg/capsule) capsules and/or flax seed oil capsules (also 1,000 mg/capsule) for several years now. The # of capsules I take daily fluctuates, but I try to take at minimum 4,000 mg./day. If I have a flare, which is rare, I take more. I also take hyularonic acid capsules which are hugely beneficial for joints. This has been working extremely well for me. I have had severe RA for 25 years and only take one med: Arava. I have been able to get off of all the toxic meds: prednisone, methotrexate, plaquenil, etc. etc. Don’t want any of the newer “infusions”, injections, etc. Side effects may be worse than the disease! And I get regular massages which help immensely for stiffness, fatigue and stress. Hope this helps!

Sherri – I take calcium and a multivitamin.

Danielle – I take prenatal vitamins, flaxseed, fish oil, b-12 and garlic tablets

Kierra’s Turtles – Whole food multi vitamin, gluten free and whole foods vitamin C

Jennifer – Might not be too popular idea with the multi billion dollar vitamin industry but my Dr. told me that taking vitamins isn’t needed as long as you have a healthy diet. Every study done has shown glucosamine does nothing. When you take a bunch of vitamins and you already have a healthy diet, your body doesn’t need the extra so it just comes out as waste. Psychologically we’ve been sold the idea that we need to take all these pills we don’t need but we think they make us feel better. Eat a good healthy balance of food and save your money.


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  • Sara

    December 13, 2013, 10:24 am

    I totally agree about having such an appropriate diet that vitamins are not necessary for everyone. However, some people, such as myself, do not absorb certain vitamins (vit D) as well as others and therefore do benefit from some supplements. I actually have been able to decrease my RA symptoms by at least 80% over the past year with a nutraceutical a co worker introduced to me. It’s kept me from having to take any steroids or any immunosuppressive drugs which was so important to me bc I work at a hospital and I am exposed to crazy things on a weekly basis. It basically saved my quality of life. So whereas I def think a lot of supplements and vitamins are overkill, sometimes you do come across that magic little pill that changes everything :)


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