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RA-friendly versus RA-unfriendly dates: (Also known as - the deciding moment where we choose to accept a second date or crawl through the restaurant bathroom window to freedom.)   by RA Dater   Dear Reader If you’ve read my earlier blogs and/or have RA, you know how challenging it can be to broach the subject of [...]

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[RA & Dating] My 2012 Dating Resolutions

My 2012 Dating Resolutions by RA Dater Dear Reader   In the spirit of “Better Late Than Never!” I present my 2012 dating resolutions: I will not introduce the fact that I have RA in an essay-length sentence. As in: I-have-rheumatoid-arthritis-it’s-not-like-regular-arthritis-it’s-an-autoimmune-disease-affects-every-joint-and-organ-in-body-no cause-no cure. It exhausts me to get that sentence out, and is usually met with [...]

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