[Member Discussions and Questions] Rheumatoid Arthritis and Trigger Finger Issues?

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Rheumatoid Arthritis and Trigger Finger Issues Discussion RAChicks

December 4, 2013

From one of our members:

I am curious if others have experienced repeatedly developing trigger finger issues. I have had three repairs in two years and will be having another soon with two more developing.

What are your experiences with this? Please help by sharing yours with her. As always thank you in advance for taking the time to respond to this member’s message. (((pain-free internet hugs)))

What our members have said so far:

Cheryl – I had two. They healed and came back.

Mary – I have had one so far and have 3 affected right now so I know what you are saying My ortho wont touch me right now due to other issues with my health so I have to wait!!

Mercedes – The one I had surgically repaired in 1997 is still fine, but they come back fairly swiftly if I just get a cortisone injection.

Noël – I had one in 2003 that was surgically repaired and haven’t had trouble with it since. I now have another one in serious need of repair. I’ve had injections but it keeps coming back. I don’t think people who have not experienced trigger finger don’t understand how painful and uncomfortable it is. I wish you luck on your repair.

Connie – My right hand middle finger is odd recently–snaps out of joint & hurts for short period of time–is this the same condition–OMG what next

Gail – I have had 2 injections so far not sure if surgery even does the trick , I believe that its just one more of the issues we face with RA . It’s very painful, the shots seem to help for awhile. Oh, I do not remember signing up for this RA course, but don’t think I have a choice .. good luck and god bless.

Carol – I have had this problem with several of my fingers. Cortisone shots really seem to help. They are painful to get, but worth it.

Melissa – I do, but have never received treatment due to cost. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

Jocelyn – I have had trigger finger troubles off and on for years. 6 years ago one finger got so bad that I had to have surgery on it. Turned out that I had a cyst growing on my tendon that was causing the trigger finger. Since the cyst was removed I’ve not had any trouble.

Crystal – I have had surgery 3 times and I still have to get cortisone shots

Christy – On my 3rd surgery….my hands hurt so bad

Christy – Something that helped me…take a water bottle put it in the freezer and do ice message on the base of your fingers.

Dana – This was how I was diagnosed! I thought I was just knitting too much, and it turned out, nope, it was RA.

Patty – Have it on both middle fingers… I think its punishment for using them for evil purposes.

Danielle – Twice in 2 months different fingers both repaired them selves with my applying heat and massaging them xxx

Cheryl – All of my fingers are like that, was going to have surgery on my hands but they said it is so progressing in my body that they would go like it again,had my toes done but the second one is still hurting

Kelly – I had two repaired and no further problems but recently tried the cortisone shot w/o any real help…surgery coming next month and @ connie – yes that’s exactly trigger finger!!! sorry to say,,,,,

Becky – Not sure if it could be the beginning of what you guys are calling trigger finger. My pinkies lock and pop painfully at times along with all the other RA pain in my hands.

Kris – I have several and never have had them repaired after 18 years of this disease.

Peggy – I had it once and my doc gave me a cortisone shot. It fixed it quickly and never came back. Good luck.

Cassandra – I wish I could have cortisone shots, they used to help my fingers and my neck and back, i have moved from the UK to the US and don’t yet have any health care here : (

Kristine – I had 1 trigger finger episode that Hand Therapy helped cure … Before that I had DeQuervain’s Syndrome which hand therapy helped ..& right before my surgery day I noticed it went away …& I canceled surgery and it hasn’t come back ! Exercise super important to keep these conditions away when we have RA …I notice if I don’t exercise .. Aches and pains are worse ! I got these two conditions before I was diagnosed with RA ( only a year )…finger problems 4-5 yrs before

Arlene – I’m sorry what is trigger fingers?

Pennie – They are horrible!! I feel like I’m extra cursed since both of my middle fingers tend to be repeat offenders, literally! They stay extended so it looks like I’m flipping the world off! I’ve had numerous surgeries over 19 years. I continue to get they now. Surgery needed on three fingers at the moment.

Nina – I’ve had two for years. do you guys recommend the cortisone shot? I’ve had a terrible experience with oral steroids (prednisone GRRR).

Cynthia – I have had both thumbs trigger and corrected – both are clicking and catching again

Sue – I have had six done and they are all fine now. But they came on very quickly, and painful, so I had to do something. I work with hands a lot.

Cheryl – Both my ring fingers, but I don’t have any plans for shots or surgery. If it gets to the point that it stays stuck, though, I’ll see about it.

Cheryl – I had them all repaired, shots have had little effect. Need some fixed again but trying to put it off.

Heather – Trigger finger happened to me during my last flare, I would wake up with my left middle finger curled in a ball and immobile. It went away after about half an hour of soaking in hot water and massage. Since I increased my Humira it’s gone away.

Missy – Just had all fingers done (surgery) in Aug and still having problems. Nature of the disease I guess. I had 1 finger done on my rt hand 4 years ago and never had any problems. Cortisone shots work great but don’t last and most Drs won’t do more than 3 shots on the same finger. I have learned that each finger/ part of my body responds differently. Good luck!

Lexie – I can feel my last 2 fingers on both hands being pulled outward, all of my middle hand joints hyperextend or go back wards and spasm, oh how this hurts. I feel my fingers falling down, like collapsing my palm looks like a tiny bowl. Is this the start of trigger finger? Whoa, I pray to God for all of you, none of us should experience such pain.

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