Dealing With An Evil Shoulder Flare

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Dealing With An Evil Shoulder Flare - Rheumatoid Arthritis - RA Chicks December 6, 2014

Niki Wyre wrote:

I have been trying to cope with having my left shoulder and neck flaring up again. Which means I can’t lift my arm or do basic arm movements right now and been having migraines like crazy from the neck issues. You don’t realize how much you rely on having to use a body part until it is out of commission for awhile, a lesson that RA teaches us a little too often unfortunately. I hope to be back to my normal typing abilities soon as I’m one handed still at the moment and that this post finds you all well. I will be seeing my Rheumy on Monday so hopefully he can help me out of this flare. Thinking of you all. (((pain-free internet hugs)))

What our members have said in response so far:

Jennifer – It’s so frustrating when someone has to help you dress… As if you are a small child.

Mary – I had really good luck with a tens unit to loosen the muscles and then just working at range of motion exercises. Slow but sure.

Lindy – I was getting migraines from neck pain2-3 times a week. Since seeing a physio to treat just my neck I’ve had so much improvement. She focuses more on massage of the area and dry needling and has honestly been life changing for me. Good luck

Fancy – After a summer flight/family reunion I suffered a major lower back flare for about 2 months. that goes away and then i did too much the other day and my knee gets the flare from hell. couldn’t walk for 2 days and just feeling better today. haven’t had that shoulder or arm pain since diagnosis 3 years ago..thank god. The only thing i can suggest is hopefully they get your meds on track. I don’t think a flare here and there ever goes away but it can be limited.

Jody – I was so bummed, my jaw flared on Thanksgiving. Seriously … I did all of this cooking and I can’t eat it! Uggg! Leftovers were good, anyhow.

Jeanne – Hi hoping you will feel better soon. am waiting to have a CT scan on my cervical spine. Needs to be approved. I am having the same issues. Migraines, sore arm and shoulder . Difficulty holding my head up for long periods of time. Very limited turning. Painless hugs to all.

Delphine – The tens unit worked for me too. Had to get a shot in my shoulder first so It didn’t hurt as bad. Hope you feel better soon ! Don’t give up

Jane – I totally sympathise with you. rheumy is still trying to get my RA under control ???? I have been in a flare since Feb 2013 and it’s been in every joint I can’t remember what it feels like to not be in pain or swollen, I have been on TNF since June this year and it worked in the beginning but now it feels like I’m back to where I started

Fancy – I can completely sympathize with you on that one. I was in a huge flare from March 2011 until around August 2012 after an ankle arthroscopic surgery. I’ll never do that again. I think it was contributed to that and not being medicated properly. I know the TNF’s didn’t work for me. I went through remicade, and humira..then I became upset with my rheumy because I wasn’t doing better and he insisted I stay on Humira. I switched rheumy’s and she was like “your ra is just getting worse and worse”. she immediately switched me to Orencia and Sulfasalazine and I’ve been fine ever since. Mind you I was literally laid up. My husband dropped me off at my parents and my mom had to cook and help me get dressed daily. Thank god for her that I was able to walk again and regain my strength. My marriage didn’t survive it but I did. And so did my new fiance (smile). Well, in a nutshell, you may want to leave the TNF’s and go to the Orencia class. Also, I stayed away from soda’s and processed foods when I was at my worse. Good luck.

Jane – Thank you for sharing your situation with me. As we both know it’s hard for anyone to understand how painful this horrible disease is unless you have it  I’m so glad that you are feeling a lot better than you did, my rheumy has now added mtx with the cimzia to see if that work’s? At this stage I will try anything.

Cheryl – Hope it doesn’t last too long

Angela – Oh I feel for you. I just got over a flare from elbow to neck. left side. I pray you feel better very soon!!!

Melody – Neck and jaw flares are the worst  hoping you feel better asap!

Virginia –  sorry to hear this.

Stacey –  I had that about 2 months ago! Pure misery!! My doc gave me a shot of depo medrol in the fanny, and a whopper of a course of Prednisone for 2 weeks. The shot helped within 24 hours! Wishing you the best of luck!

Niki Wyre:  An update for you all. On my 3rd out of 9 days of Prednisone burst and feeling some relief finally. Whew. I was in seriously bad shape by the time I saw my Rheumy on Monday. He said it’s tendinitis of the shoulder joint and the trapezius muscle group that goes from shoulder up side / back of neck, which is why both were freezing up on me plus the pain. I’m scheduled for x-rays and first session with my physical therapist I saw for over 6 months for my back, core and knees for shoulder / neck evaluation to start treatment. I see a lot of painful movement in my future but at least I know from her track record that eventually it does pay off.  My new heated blanket has been worth it’s weight in gold as the heating pads were too heavy and caused too much pain to balance or sit on shoulder. Now I just wrap up and I’m good to go. Thanks for your understanding, support, kind words and just being there to listen to me whine a bit. (((pain-free internet hugs)))

Niki Wyre:  Update for you all after seeing the Physical Therapist… She is adding bursitis, tendinitis in two tendons coming from shoulder and nerve issues from nerve getting hung up underneath my collarbone that seems to be frozen in place as well. Yep…. hot mess. lol  My xrays on my shoulder did not look bad so mostly soft tissue issues but neck showed osteopenia, thinning of the vertebrae and straightening of the spine. Working hard in physical therapy and hope to have some good news to report to you all soon. :)

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