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So I overhead this while getting bloodwork done today RA Chicks humor

April 22, 2014 Niki wrote: Overhead this conversation while in the lab waiting to get bloodwork done a little bit ago: Little Old Lady: Oh dear. The doctor ordered you 5 tests! That's a lot. Little Old Man: Yeah. I normally only have two or three. I now look down at my order for 23 [...]

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Medication Cost and Copay Assistance Programs for Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

Medication Cost and Copay Assistance Programs for Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis can be costly enough with small co-pays but many patients have have to deal with large co-pays on their insurance plan or no insurance at all. To make it easier for those in our community looking for assistance for their treatments, here [...]

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RA Beauty Losing Hair Wigs and Embracing Wexy (7)

By Niki Wyre In late February I went to do my hair to get ready for an Arthritis Foundation event I was speaking at in Tampa, Florida. I was shocked to see how much thinner my hair was normal. I mean I had been annoyed at all the blue hairs I kept seeing in my crochet [...]

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I'm proud to say that another one of our RA Chicks, Tara Manriquez, was spotlighted in Health Monitor's Arthritis Magazine.  In case you missed it in the recent issue I managed to get an image copy of the whole article so you can read it as well!   Congratulations Tara and thank you for sharing [...]

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advertising to get rheumatoid arthritis medical care

Advertising to Get Medical Care? How Did I End Up Here? Falling Into The Cracks of the Medical System by Niki Wyre If you are healthy, wealthy or insured you may not be aware of the cracks in our health system in the United States. I'm not even sure how I got here today. How I [...]

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RA Chicks Inspired Free Chick Beanbags Sewing Project Check out these adorable chick beanbags over at! They are so cute and only require basic stitch / sewing skills. They have pictures, steps and free downloadable template for the pattern available on their site. Time to get sewing and make some Chickies :) By the [...]

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