WHY YOU NEED TO EDUCATE YOURSELF ABOUT YOUR MEDICATIONS AND CONDITIONS By Lydia Chapman Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall. Yesterday I had an opportunity to hear part of a conversation between a medical student and a doctor. What caught my attention is that they were talking about some of [...]

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Dating with Rheumatoid Arthritis by RA Dater   Each day is a supreme challenge for those of us with RA...shall we add dating on top of that? It can be brutal – and remember that stress is our kryptonite. I’ve been divorced for almost a year, diagnosed with RA for almost two years – and [...]

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Holistic Approach for RA Sufferers by Patricia Curley, MS, NC RA, is an hereditary, autoimmune (AI), degenerative, inflammatory joint disease characterized by cartilage destruction and chronic pain and inflammation. RA can affect joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, the heart, lungs and eyes, but is seen most often symmetrically in hands, elbows, wrists, ankles and feet. Joints [...]

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Disappointed friends by Chronicle Disease I hate being disappointed about something, or someone. I hate someone being disappointed about me. A few weeks ago, I wrote an email to a dear friend in which I told her that I didn’t like her being disappointed in me but that I was disappointed in myself too. What [...]

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chronic pain cycle with rheumatoid arthritis is a vicious cycle

CHRONIC PAIN IS A VICIOUS CYCLE... by Niki Wyre Living with chronic pain can make the most simple tasks hard to do.  It is a constant drain on you physically and emotionally.  The image above is the best diagram I have come across to show exactly how chronic pain feeds into the constant cycle. Chronic [...]

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[RA & Fitness] Arthritis the Habit

Arthritis The Habit by pmoyni   Think back to your youth. Remember all those admonitions, “Stand up straight!” Don’t slouch!” Well, they were not just to make you look more beautiful. They were very much health related. A straight spine balances your vertebrae. A slouch puts pressure on all the wrong places. Worse, a slouch [...]

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