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My Self Discovery and Weight Loss Inspiration Reading List by Niki Wyre If you are looking for some inspiration or want to start your own self discovery, I recommend these books that I have read so far. I'm trying to mix in a self help or healing book for every few novels I read. It truly [...]

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My Weight Loss Journey Pictures Along the Way by Niki Wyre Here is a blog entry just dedicated to show the progress of my weight loss journey by pictures that were taken along the way with dates taken.  I wish you all luck on your own health journeys and would love if you share yours with [...]

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[RA & Fitness] Arthritis the Habit

Arthritis The Habit by pmoyni   Think back to your youth. Remember all those admonitions, “Stand up straight!” Don’t slouch!” Well, they were not just to make you look more beautiful. They were very much health related. A straight spine balances your vertebrae. A slouch puts pressure on all the wrong places. Worse, a slouch [...]

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  Yoga for Arthritis: The Complete Guide Loren Fishman (Author), Ellen Saltonstall (Author) Product Description A comprehensive, user-friendly medical yoga program designed for management and prevention of arthritis. Arthritis restricts movement; yoga increases range of motion: these two were made for each other. Arthritis is the leading cause of disability in this country, limiting everyday [...]

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[Book] Yoga In Bed

  Yoga In Bed Edward Vilga (Author) Review "For those newbies ... struggling to find the time to work out at all." -- Time Out Chicago, May 2005 "Mixing gentler stretches with coordinated breathing techniques and a few guided meditations, an easy-to-follow and adaptable routine for yogaphobes." -- Staten Island Advance, June 2005 same day [...]

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