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  Chicken Soup for the Soul Healthy Living Series: Arthritis Jack Canfield (Author), Mark Victor Hansen (Author), David Pisetsky (Author) Product Description This new book in the successful Healthy Living series - inspirational stories followed by positive, practical medical advice for caregivers and patients - addresses an issue that is endemic among older Americans. The [...]

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[Book] Arthritis For Dummies

  Arthritis For Dummies Barry Fox (Author), Nadine Taylor (Author), Jinoos Yazdany (Author) Review As early as Arthritis for Dummies's first page--a yellow tear card entitled "Cheat Sheet"--you know you're getting useful information. The cheat sheet gives quickie tips on seven helpful topics: "Before Agreeing to Surgery," "10 Ways to Manage Arthritis," "10 Arthritis [...]

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  Prescription Drugs: Alternative Uses, Alternative Cures: Over 1,500 New Uses for FDA-Approved Drugs Kevin Loughlin (Author), Joyce Generali (Author) Product Description NEW BREAKTHROUGH TREATMENTS FOR Arthritis • Hay Fever • PMS • Depression Insomnia • Migraines • Chronic Heartburn High Blood Pressure • Ulcers Lyme Disease • Back Pain -- plus hundreds more   [...]

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[Book] Diabetes For Dummies

Diabetes For Dummies Alan L. Rubin MD (Author) Review growcenter.orgeasy payday loans to get online "The Greeks and Romans knew about diabetes. Fortunately, the way they tested for the condition--by tasting the urine--has gone by the wayside." Diabetes for Dummies has the friendly, quirky style you expect from all the For Dummies books, but [...]

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WWW.WHATIBOUGHTTODAY.COM/SCREENSHOT/PDL/ Keeping A Secret: A Story About Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis Elizabeth Murphy-Melas (Author) Review "a thoughtful and engaging story of one girl's journey from diagnosis to treatment." . -- Helen Belisle, Executive Director, Arthritis National Research Foundation, October 2001 Product Description Why can't Jennifer play soccer or jump rope? Any child with a chronic disease [...]

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