[Member Discussions and Questions] So I overhead this while getting bloodwork done today…

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So I overhead this while getting bloodwork done today RA Chicks humorApril 22, 2014

Niki wrote:

Overhead this conversation while in the lab waiting to get bloodwork done a little bit ago:
Little Old Lady: Oh dear. The doctor ordered you 5 tests! That’s a lot.
Little Old Man: Yeah. I normally only have two or three.

I now look down at my order for 23 tests…. *facepalm*

Yeah that totally just happened to me….

What our members have said so far:

Cheryl – I had 17….no joke… SEVENTEEN vials of blood drawn last week. My RA and Lupus are out of control. I now have PsA and PIC… on top of everything else I’ve got going on. My Orencia failed after over five years and I am waiting for insurance approval to start Remicade.

Stephanie – my “record” is 7 tubes of blood from one visit. I am currently on a “standing order” for blood work every other month

Cynthia –  Exactly. We’re really a tough bunch when you consider our version of normal compared to the general population.

Paula – It’s so outrageous it’s funny

Amy –  LMAO! So true!

Amanda – My daughter who is 13 has had 13 vials at one time! She is down to about 5 at a time now….

Shari –  My worst was 9 tubes but it is usually 4 or 5 every six weeks. And I never ever get used to it and always dread it because they have such a hard time finding my veins. Ugh!

Katie – My record was 13 vials at one time.

Pat – I had two different doctors order the same tests, that was nine vials. Fortunately the tech was able to have the results sent to both so it wasn’t 13 or 14. I have to get 3 drawn every month for the doc to refill the arava.

Tara – I once had a little old lady give my the ‘sympathy eyes’ when she saw my vial pile. Lol

Kristine – Yeah usually 5 vials for me too. People really don’t think before thy speak. Imagine all the really sick people out there who have blood taken every day.

Nikki – Oh my gosh no kidding! Alway at least 5 vials for me….sometimes more.

Kendra – Ya I have a standing order too. They just photocopy it

RA Chicks : Women with Rheumatoid Arthritis – I had to laugh at the situation and it made me smile. They were so concerned about 5 tests and so cute about it! I had 6 tubes taken today. My record in one visit is 13. That was when the doctor’s were trying to figure out what I had before my RA, fibromyalgia and osteomalacia diagnoses. I think I average 4 or 5 tubes on routine bloodwork anymore though.


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