[Member Discussions and Questions] Heel Pain With Rheumatoid Arthritis?

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Heel Pain With Rheumatoid Arthritis Member Discussion RA ChicksApril 26, 2014

Heel pain?

Chick wrote in:

Help! Out of nowhere the other day my heels starting aching. They aren’t too bad when I’m off of them but with two little ones I’m up and down a lot. My rheumatologist appointment isn’t for a few more weeks now. Is there anything that helps that can get me through to the appointment? Something the other members can suggest? Advice welcome.

As always thank you in advance for taking the time to respond to this member’s message. Your feedback and advice is greatly appreciated. (((pain-free internet hugs))) I’m attaching a link on Plantar fasciitis. That is what a doctor told me what was causing my heel pain flareup awhile back and it might apply to some of you as well.

What our members have said so far:

Conni – I started wearing all the time a small heel about one inch, even got slippers with it. That helped me a lot. Ortho inserts were way to expensive.

Junko – Freeze a bottle of water and let your feet roll on it

Rosa – If you notice that the pain is worse when you first get up in the morning, use a night splint. This is a special boot/brace sold at most pharmacies that you wear at night to keep the foot flexed. This prevents the tendons & muscles on the soles of your feet from tightening up overnight.

Audrey – Been there, had that. Ultimately cortisone shots physical therapy and time were the answer for me, but in the meantime here’s a couple of helps. Gentle stretching by standing on a step backward and slowly let your heels drop below the step. Always always always wear shoes. When you get out of bed don’t let your bare feet hit the floor, immediately put your shoes on.(i know it’s a hassle, but it is temporary.) When you sleep try not to extend your foot or point your toes. There are braces you can get that will hold your foot in that position but I just either put my feet against the footboard or laid on my stomach and hung my toes over the edge of the bed. Hope this helps.

Autoimmune The Cause And The Cure – Patients with RA are rapidly degrading the essential amino acid tryptophan through a pathway called the kynurenine pathway (KP). The rapid degradation of tryptophan through the KP depletes tryptophan and produces toxic metabolites that are linked to fascia inflammation, depression, joint inflammation, anxiety, and more.
Here is one study on the degradation of tryptophan through the KP and RA.
Here is a study on fasciitis (inflammation of the fascia) and the degradation of tryptophan through the KP.

Shelley – I have chronic plantar fascitis, stretching, a frozen water bottle rolling under the foot can help. The only thing that has made a huge difference once it starts again is a cortisone injection along with the other things I’ve mentioned.

Kristen – After just going through this myself, I would recommend ice, calf stretches and arch support! Good luck!

Bridget – As it was suggested in previous comments, Wearing shoes at all times is extremely important. That has helped me over the years along with arch supports. Stretches and exercises for the foot only made mine worse. I also have to agree with others that stated shoes with the heel elevated 1 inch helps tremendously.

Sarah – Listen to Audrey and Junko until you can get to your Rheumy…they have the right advice. I also have dealt with this issue many times. I ALWAYS wear shoes ( slip on ‘sneakers’ Travetime by Easy Spirit). Can’t stress enough you need to have support under your feet! Also check out….good website for foot issues.

Cheryl – Acupuncture

Amy – Try a steroid shot in the heel from a podiatrist and have him send you to PT and they will do ultrasound and show you taping techniques that work.

Debbie – Inserts!!!

Mary – I have been suffering very bad plantar fascitis for years and even ultimately had the surgery after trying everything else. My feet still hurt like crazy. I also have an RA diagnosis. Is there any information about a connection between RA and PF?

Liz – Reflexology massage appointment ? We go to this awesome place called treat your feet for foot massages. It’s heavenly

Cherelle – When I first get up in the morning, I would roll my feet on a bottle or even a can so that the plantar can get stretched out before you start walking this helps some with the pain.

Donia – RX Ortho inserts in expensive running shoes 24/7 plus stretches.

Shona – I experience this and just thought it was a foot problem. I didn’t even make It around Disneyland for a day with this, my boyfriend was going to get a wheelchair so I could make it to the hotel. So wearing shoes all the time helps? I feel that snauku yoga mat flip flops help me a ton!

Nikki – Yep, I’ve had this and boy does it hurt!!! My podiatrist had me ice twice daily, do some stretches and rest it. Also, I have a boot from previous surgeries and wore that for a few days too. They can inject steroids too and that helps as well. He told me that the RA causes inflammation in the ligament and that in turn causes the pain.

Amy – Highly recommend Clark’s Wave Walkers. I have two pairs. Used to have bad ball of feet swelling…and occasional plantars. These have helped tremendously.

Marielle – the gel insoles give some comfort

Tracey – Decent shoes with supportive arches. I wear Birkenstocks and chacos

Jeanette – Danskin also makes a flip flop you can try. Probably the least expensive option. I could hardly believe a goofy flip flop could give me so much relief! My sister had the same relief with Dansko shoes.
I’ve had problem heels for years. I can pretty much only wear MBT shoes. Walmart carries Danskin rocking shoes. Skechers makes them. Downside? They can make your knees hurt. And I suggest wearing them for short amounts of time. Not discouraging you from trying the other things. But I have spent thousands on braces, orthotics, podiatrists and what not.

Nicky – The right shoes and ankle braces. Then an appt with a podiatrist is how I coped. Hope you feel better.

Trudy – My husband has been dealing with this problem for a few years..the ONLY thing that works is an inexpensive ankle/ foot wrap that Walmart long as he wears this everyday he does REALLY well.

Leigh – buying shoes designed for plantar fasciitis is key. I find a slightly elevated heel can help, too.

Jennifer – Back in September I tore my plantars fascitis. It still isn’t healed. They think it’s from the RA that it’s not healing

Carol – Foot rubs!! I suffer with knots in my feet, right under the heel & ball of the foot..even a 2 minute rub will give some temporary relief. Make sure you get good quality mats for when you are standing at the sink or similar, good dense rubber are a life saver for any activity where you are standing in one spot for any length of time! Hope this helps.

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  • Eliza McFarlish

    June 30, 2014, 6:02 pm

    Could be rheumatoid nodules. I had those at one point on the bottom of my heels. What helped me is always wearing tennis shoes, and avoid walking barefoot. I invested in some AMAZING Nike Comfort flip flops for women. They almost have a gel-like cushion that provides the support and comfort my feet need. You can also ask your doctor for steroid tape. I use that a lot as well. Just stick it to your feet while you sleep at night.

  • julie

    July 22, 2014, 9:24 pm

    I had pain. Came out of nowhere. I went to ER as it was swollen and wouldn’t go away. Only felt good resting. They said it was Planters Fascia. Had Rhum appointment about 5days after the ER visit and she said xray from ER didn’t show anything but she scheduled me for a MRI. This came back showing fracture in heel. Now in cast for 6 weeks..


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