[Member Discussions and Questions] Body Hair Loss and Rheumatoid Arthritis?

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Rheumatoid Arthritis and Body Hair Loss Member Discussion RA ChicksApril 30, 2014

Niki wrote:

We have talked about hair loss, especially with the medications we take, a lot but mostly focus on hair loss on head. Well we are women and we care more about that hair anyway. 😉 I have received several messages in the past two weeks about hair loss not on the head. Specifically, body hair from forearms, legs and even pubic region. Do you deal with this as well? Anything help with hair loss in these areas?

Obviously you may not want your input on all of the above in your newsfeed so if you want your response to be anonymous in the comments just message it to the page and I will post it on the behalf. These members seem concerned about the newest hair losses and wonder if its just par for the course. Thank you! (((pain-free internet hugs)))

What our members have said so far:

Kristine – I have had horrible hair loss (head) on multiple occasions and am starting to lose again…I have mostly attributed to medications. I don’t mind hair loss in other areas as much (it isn’t as upsetting to me) but definitely have thinner eyebrows, and find that I rarely have to shave my legs/underarms anymore, growth is slow and sparse…I don’t miss it though!

Cindy – I’ve found the supplement Biotin helps reestablish hair and stronger nails. There is also a product called Eyenvy that I’ve tried and it definitely works (but expensive) that you apply to your eyelash area (and I’ve used it to help regrow eyebrow areas as well) . It can be bought online. I have a large group of family and friends who use both now.

Virginia – I have hair loss on my legs and my eyebrows…eye lashes are very sparse too

Carrie – Have not lost any hair only head. But rarely have to shave anymore. Legs or under arms.

Lynda – I had very bad hair loss after using Humira about 10 months. My eyebrows and eye lashes also were falling out. After stopping Humira the hair started to grow back but came in a very weird texture? I’m now using Argan oil on lashes and eyebrows,it works!! Also starting Viviscal for hair,many doctors recommend it,look it up?!

Donna – My eyebrows have nearly grown back and my eyelashes grow every which way so now I have to curl the for the first time in my life. I don’t have to shave my legs very often and I shave my underarms a little more than my legs. I had 3 flares last year totaling 6 months and my hair (on my head) didn’t grow very much. So far it has started growing again. My Rheumy has me taking 5000mcg Biotin, which has helped.

Christin – I just started penciling my eyebrows. They have patches of hair missing. Haven’t notice any significant hair loss anywhere else yet.

Sandie – Hair loss is one of the many we experience! I lost a ton of hair when on arava. Don’t know for sure what helped to grow hair but am pretty certain that hemp hearts are right up there.

Raye – I thought it was because I am aging…I no longer have to shave my legs but now I have to remove hair from my upper lip. Yes I have noticed my hair on my forearms is less however, I still remove it. Not sure if it is all the supplements I take, but I have noticed I have a bunch of hair growing and filling in around my hairline. I am thrilled as I lost a lot of hair there after I delivered my daughter almost forty years ago.

Chriss – I lost hair in those places years ago, rarely shave my legs or underarms and the other, hmmmm, it is long gone….

Autoimmune The Cause And The Cure- I think one reason for hair loss in RA would be due to a lack of the enzymes that metabolize iron – protease. Iron is the single nutrient most often associated with hair loss since it is necessary for the production of proteins that make up a strand

Wanda – I think it’s great that I don’t have to shave under my arms anymore…..the hair on my legs is getting less and less and that’s ok too. The only hair loss that bothers me is on my head…have always had thin fine hair so it’s hard not to be concerned but there are supplements that can help with that too so I say good riddins to something like shaving that will only get harder to do as time goes by…..there’s always a wig in any color as an option. Might try being a red head some day…you never know how much fun it might could actually be!!!!!

Barbara – Today on Katie I don’t remember the guest name but the topic was Celiac Disease
And the lack of absorption of the good healthy foods we eat. The lack of vitamins and minerals then start affecting our bodies and I even have something going in where my blood work for my MTX keeps getting messages that they can’t complete the test because of a foreign substance. No one has any answers why this has been on a pretty regular basis now the last year and a half. The numbers for my white and red blood count is among the blanks on the report. I with the Remicade infusions it really makes me uncomfortable. Rheumy said he had enough info but when a complete report came a few months back he upped my Folic acid from 3 mg to 5 mg.
As far as hair loss in some areas I understood it to be age related. I have backed off dying my hair to only a few times a year. Hair grows very slow and it just seems to look as highlights as it does grow and I get it cut. Hard to even see eyelashes from the droopy lids . Now if the chin hair would all fall out I’d be a happy camper!

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