[Member Discussions and Questions] Biologic Experiences with Psoriasis?

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December 13

Another member message (I told you I’m trying to catch up 😉 ):

I’ve been taking Humira for the past year and a half I’ve had great results what’s some would consider as remission but lately I’ve developed psoriasis over a large portion of my body the Rheumatologist suggest that I move on to more aggressive treatment. I’m struggling with this decision as my Humira has worked so well I’m wondering if any of the chicks out there can help me if they have any experience moving on to Orencia or Rituxan any advice or support from someone with similar stories would help me a lot. With this difficult position my questions are has anybody experienced psoriasis as a side effect to one of the TNF blockers, and moved on to one of the other treatments suggested.

Thank you in advance for your input and sharing your experiences to help answer this members question. (((pain-free internet hugs)))

What our members have said so far:

Robin – I am on Orencia with no issues!! I do get rashes but I also have Rosacea and Perioral Dermatitis!!! Good luck!!! You gonna to do self inject or IV?

Erica – What country is the member from? if new zealand or australia the are products that could help the psoriasis

Elizabeth – If you have RA, you are at risk to develop another immune system illness like psoriasis, regardless of what medications you take. Once you have one immune system disease, there’s always the possibility of getting another. Six months after I was diagnosed with arthritis, I got diagnosed as also having fibromyalgia. I think I now have 4 diagnosed immune system illnesses. Fingers crossed that your rheumatologist can help you get the psoriasis under control.

Geraldine – I have been on Rituxan for a little over a year and I love it, I have tried almost everything out there and finally this one helps, I am also on Methotrexate and Plaquenil. I have noticed a couple small patches of psoriasis. Good Luck with whichever one you choose and if that one doesn’t help keep trying until you finally find the right combination of meds.

Angela – I’m also on Rituxin and methotrexate.. No side effects for me. Been over a year on this combo

Stephanie – The same thing happened to me after 3 yrs on humira. remicade cleared up the psoriasis but didn’t help the RA. then I did orencia with no results… I am now on rituxin and it is finally starting kick in after 2 months. I didn’t want to stop humira either so the rheumy and I decided to give it 4 months to be sure….and it never did work again. Humira stopped working for a friend of mine after 3 years. I’m wondering if maybe this is something about the medicine they need to look into. Blessings and pain free days!!!

Kathy – I developed psoriasis while on Enbrel, about 12 years ago. I’d had RA for 10 years with no skin rashes until then. Sadly, although it improves now and then, it has never gone away. It’s impossible to say if it’s coincidence, or cause and effect, or whatever, since these are some complex and unpredictable diseases. I hope you find relief soon.

Kami – I have been on Rituxan for over a year now and it has given me my life back. I was on all the TNF blockers before moving on to Remicade (did not work) and then Rituxan.

Barbara – Did you psoriasis start with scratching in one place like hands or right at the joints!? I am on Humira too and wondering if that is happening with me. I hate when they want to mess with meds that work. Humira works for me too!

Linda – It is very true about when you get one autoimmune disease you can develop others. I started with Crohns Disease in 1980, then got ankylosing spondylitis, then got fibromyalgia, then got psoriatric arthritis, then got RA, then got Sjogrens Syndrome and just recently was dx’d with peripheral neuropathy in my feet. I am on Remicade for my Crohn’s and RA although it doesn’t work much for my RA anymore. I was on methotrexate for awhile but it caused damage to my liver so had to stop. I take oxycodone and morphine for pain. Never heard of Rituxin before. Wonder if it works for Crohns’ which is why I am still on Remicaide. Tried Humira for a short time but didn’t work for me at all. Also have glaucoma and a cataract in each eye. Sigh, gotta laugh about it all or I would cry forever. I wish everyone well.

Cheryl – I also suffer from psoriasis, have had it over 42 years,and then I got Arthritis!….been on Embrel, Humira and now I am now on Orencia taking it every week injection, it is working with both! So Doctor is pleased! So am I!

Mel – That’s very interesting! In the last week both my feet developed psoriasis like symptoms and I got joint pain in my hand and ankle but after a dose of cortisone it appears under control. Been on Humira 4 yrs now so fingers crossed it will still work – I enjoy running to much!

Stacey – Hi! I have RA, used Enbrel with great success for about 3 years, it stopped working and I switched to Humira which after one dose got psoriasis, which has now turned into psoriatic arthritis (guess the RA got lonely lol) then over this last year developed CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demylinating Polyneuropathy) which is another autoimmune disease and MMD (yep another one lol). I am about to start Rituxan infusions next week as well because the doc says it’s the only one that can treat the RA, PA and CIDP. The other TNF’s will make the CIDP worse and I had completely lost the use of my legs from the nerve damage. After several IVIg infusions I have gotten some use back, but it is coming back again and is moving to my arms so I am ready to try the new treatment. She (my rheumy) really likes the Rituxan as does the neurologist, so I am starting to be a little bit less afraid of it I hope you have great success with either/or!

Karis – I too got psoriasis after being on Humira- I was only on it for 6 months and it didn’t show any signs of treating my RA. It’s been 4 months since I stopped taking the Humira and I still have the psoriasis on my arms and face. I started Cimzia and it’s too soon to know if it will work for me but I am hopeful! It’s been 2 years since a biologic has worked for me- I will eventually try Rituxan as my doc also has positive things to say about it and now that I’m past Enbrel, Orencia and Humira it seems like every thing else is on the table. Good luck!

Wendy – I’ve had RA and SS for over 20 years. I too was on various biologics that either stopped working or didn’t work at all. I ended up bed ridden for 6 months on Orencia when it first came out about 7 years ago – then in intensive care for 2 weeks because I ended up with infection everywhere and almost died. After that went to Rituuxan which worked quite well too. But I’ve been off all the biologics for 4 years now because I started using an alternative, its called the Amethyst Bio-Mat. It has worked wonders for me. I still have some effects of RA and SS, but only about 15% of what I had before I started using the mat. Plus, I’ve stopped using those nasty biologics and reduced my pain meds by 25% and stopped using all the chemo drugs as well. I am sore sometimes, but never in pain like I used to be. I actually laughed at myself the other day because I noticed my hands couldn’t open a jar and I got mad at that, then I realized that I could never open a jar in the distant past…I just needed dry hands, so I went and got a towel. If you want to find out about the Amethyst Bio-Mat and more about my story please see my FB page about it: Amethyst Bio-Mat by Academy of Spirit.

Sabrina – Commercials show Enbrel can treat some Psoriasis? I wonder if switching to that would help.

Kellie – I too developed psoriasis while on Humira. My Rheumy said in rare cases Humira can actually cause it. It’s crazy since many use Humira to treat it. I’m now on Orencia. It works pretty well, and my psoriasis is under control.

Holly – I developed terrible psoriasis on my arm and legs for a couple of years, as soon as I switched from Remicade to Orencia …they cleared up. Plus used white vinegar and sea salt on the psoriasis legs look great.

Rhonda – I wonder why we all have all there’s same problems? My body changes with the weather. Bones hurt, feet hurt. Good grief! Gotta move on to another drug next month! Wish me luck! I’m up to 8 methotrexate! And my kidneys hurt!!!!

Danielle – Wow I’m really surprised by so many chicks with the same experience with side effects as me. After seeing my Rheumatologist she did give me cortisone injections which seem to have cleared up the psoriasis but says that it’s a result of the TNF blockers aka Humira. The rash did start with just itchy palms that eventually grew into blisters that started on my palms and move down onto my legs. Until I had a scaly rash on most of my body. It only took about a month to spread. I’m pretty sure that I am going to go the Orencia route. I will be looking at infusions since I’m in Canada they don’t have to self inject yet

Vee – Seems like the medication, HUMIRA is the problem. I know I used all the non-biologics before moving on to Remicade which stopped working after awhile. Been on Orencia for the last four years with success. Constant upper respiratory issues but I had that with the others too. Get a pain management plan in place and change medications if needed. Good luck and keep a positive attitude if nothing else.

Emily – Everyone reacts differently. I’m on Humira for 8 yrs. It’s not working as well now. Orencia was better but lowered my resistance and I got shingles. Next step would be injectable methotrexate instead of pills.

Tiffany – I didn’t have the same side effects with Humira but it never worked for me anyway. I moved on to Orencia and it worked super well… until it caused my WBC to spike. Now I am on Remicade and it seems to be doing pretty well. I haven’t had any serious side effects with Remicade thus far. Honestly the best part about Remicade… or even Rituxan is I get to go sit in the IV treatment room and watch a movie or read a book for 2.5 hours or so. It’s what I like to call “me time.” So don’t be worried about the more “aggressive” treatments. Anything has to be better than psoriasis!

Carrissa – I was doing great on Remicade for 2 years. I developed pustule psoriasis on my hands and feet … Also developed eczema on the rest of my body. They just switched me to Orencia. I’ve had 2 infusions worth that so far. The transition is hard so far for me. My joints are flaring up and I’m in more pain than when I was doing Remicade. Doctor says give it time between this transition with Orencia. That everyone’s body reacts differently between the transition. I have so much more fatigue lately. But as far as the pustule psoriasis and eczema.. Those are dying down slowly but surely.

Debbie – I’ve had it on my scalp since I started Humira… Just trying to deal with it as best I can. Not so bad yet that I will stop it. I just pray it doesn’t spread!

Cheryl – Check with a dermatologist is you haven’t yet and confirm it is psoriasis. I was on Humira for about 4 years when I experienced the same thing but it was not psoriasis. It was an auto-immune disease called Lachen Plantus and it was caused by the Humira. This skin disease can spread to all areas including orally. If it becomes oral there is no way to treat and it can be deadly. I wouldn’t hesitate to change just in case.

Nilsa – My daughter is on Humira now for more than a year and a half and it became good it started getting better but so it’s never gone in remission or not rashes but the progress seem to slow down still trying other things.

Joy – My daughter failed on Enbrel and moved to Remicade. It has worked wonders for about 8 years. She has now moved to Actemra and has done very well with the last year.

Sue – I developed psoriasis on Humira and changed to Orencia and doing well, so far, though I do itch sometimes but nothing like before.

Cherie – I took Remicade for about 9 nears and now take Orencia, for about 22 mo. and love it, hope I never have to change from it.

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