Medication Cost and Copay Assistance Programs for Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

Medication Cost and Copay Assistance Programs for Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis can be costly enough with small co-pays but many patients have have to deal with large co-pays on their insurance plan or no insurance at all. To make it easier for those in our community looking for assistance for their treatments, here [...]

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What’s up with the forum?

If you have been a regular visitor to the forums you most likely noticed something important. You will now see a screen with this on top: Sorry, we have disabled the forums due to spam attacks. We are archiving the posts and moving them to our main site. Please visit in the meantime. We [...]

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I'm proud to say that another one of our RA Chicks, Tara Manriquez, was spotlighted in Health Monitor's Arthritis Magazine.  In case you missed it in the recent issue I managed to get an image copy of the whole article so you can read it as well!   Congratulations Tara and thank you for sharing [...]

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January 9, 2013 Niki wrote: It's look like another athlete has Rheumatoid Arthritis. :( "The dual Olympian, 23, was diagnosed with the chronic condition in 2010 and requires weekly Methotrexate medication - also used to treat cancer patients. At its worst before treatment began, Bobridge was at times unable to open a soft-drink bottle, struggled [...]

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MY MARY JANES One of our members invites you to walk a mile in her shoes: Q: Current Age: A: 38 Q: Age of Onset or Start of Symptoms: A: After diagnoses I found out that I have had symptoms since High School. Q: Age of Diagnoses: A: 34 Q: Where are you located? europe [...]

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