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10 Times a Woman Doesn’t Want Hand Spasms RA Chicks Humor

[RA & Humor] 10 Times a Woman Doesn't Want Hand Spasms A little bit of Rheumatoid Arthritis humor by Niki Wyre While most patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis already know about hand / finger stiffness and pain, most are not aware about the high incidence of hand spasms. These uncontrolled muscle spasms often cause us to drop [...]

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RA Beauty Losing Hair Wigs and Embracing Wexy (7)

By Niki Wyre In late February I went to do my hair to get ready for an Arthritis Foundation event I was speaking at in Tampa, Florida. I was shocked to see how much thinner my hair was normal. I mean I had been annoyed at all the blue hairs I kept seeing in my crochet [...]

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